For the last five and half years, Samantha was known as Mrs. Randy Orton; she was unaware of the path that her marriage to the famous wrestler would take her. Samantha’s ties to Randy started in a conventional way; it could be called fate. Now she is known as Samantha Speno: Randy Orton’s ex-Wife.

    On the 11th of January 1982, Samantha M. Speno was born in Missouri which would make her 34 years old today; Samantha’s hometown has been unidentified. However, Samantha’s life has and will always be in Missouri; it was not a bad move on her part.

    The early part of Samantha’s life started in Missouri; she attended Francis Howell North High School in Saint Charles when she was only 14 years-old in 1996, and she graduated from high school in 2000. Samantha was 18 at the time that she graduated, but Samantha did not drift through life trying to find a job.

    Samantha, like many people, have a social media account that she frequents; she makes time to talk to her friends on her social media, she does not spend a lot of time going on her social media and it could have something to do with her job.

    Shortly after graduating from high school, Samantha got a job as a gymnastics instructor; it was a job that she loved to do. It was this job that put her on the path to meet the man that she would marry.

    Samantha happened to be hanging out in a bar in her town where she witnessed Randy wrestling, Randy broke his foot during the current match, and that is when he spied Samantha; everything in Randy’s world stopped when he saw her.

    At first, Samantha played hard to get with Randy, and she was not sweet on him like he was her; she did not see herself giving Randy the time of day let alone her number. After hopping over to her on his one good foot, Randy achieved his goal of acquiring Samantha’s number.

    Not even 24 hours later, Samantha was graced with a phone call from Randy, and they started hanging out; they got to know each other quite well. Randy and Samantha got started seriously dating during that time as well; their attraction to each other blossomed.

    Samantha and Randy were always together; this led to Randy proposing to his fiancée in 2005, Samantha married her wrestler fiancée on September 21st of 2007. 9 and a half months later on the 12th of July of 2008, Samantha gave birth to Alanna Marie Orton.

    Now, here is where it gets interesting. Samantha and Randy were together for five years before their divorce; Samantha exclaimed that the marriage needed repairs. Samantha did not seem saddened by her divorce from Randy. March of 2012 is when the divorce took place.

    Everything worked out for the better, Randy paid Samantha a generous cash settlement of a little less than $700,000. Samantha also got a house out of the deal, and she became the sole custodial parent to Alanna, she allowed Randy to have visitation as often as he like.

    Although Samantha’s marriage to Randy ended prematurely, she did not feel as if she lost anything, the 34-year-old mother of one is working as a fashion stylist and makeup artist. Samantha does not feel bitter from the experience, and she is doing well.



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