Amanda Beard is a woman who has great athletic ability, but has not always had the best times in her life; her husband Sacha helped her deal with a lot of the issues that she was not able to on her own. Amanda and her photographer husband Sacha are together today.

    Sacha Brown was born in Edinburgh, United Kingdom; it is unclear when his birthdate is. Sacha is 43 years old in the present day, Sacha’s journey took him far from his native country and brought him to the U.S where he got a job he loved.

    Sacha has always valued his privacy, and that fact is reflected by how little there is about him, Sacha came to the U.S. sometime later after he graduated high school; he did not have a lot of expectation when it came to his life.

    Sacha later got a job as a photographer; it was this career path that put him on the road to meeting the woman he would marry, Amanda Beard. Sasha met Amanda the same day that he was doing his job; the two had a connection through their conversation. Sacha’s meeting Amanda took place in 2006.

    Amanda loved Sacha, and although she was a woman with a career, she made time to spend with Sacha; the two were always spotted in public together. Sacha was a lucky man, and he knew it, Amanda was his whole world outside of his job.

    Sacha proposed to Amanda on the 25th of December of ’08; she said yes; Amanda’s engagement ring was right under her nose, and she did not know it. Sacha and Amanda got married five months later; their wedding consisted of friends as well as family.

    May of ’09 was the month and year that Sacha said I do to Amanda, everything about their wedding was untraditional; the couple got married outside of the United States. The wedding was a beautiful ceremony and Sacha closed out the event with a huge steak dinner and wedding cake.

    Sacha invited Amanda to move in with him, and it was that time when he discovered a personal demon that Amanda has fought for years, societal pressures about staying thin to be beautiful; Amanda succumbed to this pressures during her career. Sacha walked in on Amanda self-mutilating herself, Sacha loved Amanda and urged to seek therapy.

    Sacha’s love for his wife only grew, he helped her conquer her demons, and she repaid him by making him a father; Sacha was so happy to learn that his wife was pregnant. On the 15th of September of 2009, Amanda gave birth to Sacha’s first born child, Blaise Brown.

    A little less than 36 months later, Sacha was a father again when Amanda gave birth to their second child; Doone Brown. The couple was a family again with the birth of their second child; the blessed event brought them closer. The couple’s second child was born on the 19th of June 2013.

    Sacha spends his days with his motorcycles, children and his beautiful wife Amanda who is everything to him. Sacha and Amanda have overcome some hardship, but they were stronger in the long run, and they are still together today; the couple’s bond has grown stronger as well.



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