Former American football tight end who played 17 seasons in the National Football League (NFL), Tony Gonzalez’s wife is the beautiful October Gonzalez.

    Tony first met October in 2002 when she was 21 years old and was working at a bar owned by Dennis Rodman in Newport Beach. Tony was already a star in the NFL at the time, but October didn’t know who he was. October had a boyfriend at that time, but Tony still invited her and her then boyfriend to a party to which she said no. A year later, when Tony found out that October was single, he drove down to Orange County to see her. The rest is history. After that they dated for four years and Tony finally proposed her. They got married in 2007. Tony and October are proud parents of their two beautiful children, son River and daughter Malia. The family also has a son, Nikko, from Tony’s previous relationship.

    October Gonzalez was born October Calinda Russell. Both her parents were musicians, her father Pat Vegas was part of the 70’s band Redbone amd her mother was a singer. She had a complete musical family background. Her grandfather was a pianist who played at Lawrence Welk show, Caesars Palace for Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Julie Andews, Rock Hudson. Her grandmother was a singer on a radio show.

    Obviously being from such a musical family, it’s difficult not to be a musician yourself! October and her sister Sarah, sang at various charity events as well as  Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm. They also auditioned for a singing group called Elementary Ensemble.

    October and her sisters, lived with their aunt and uncle in Florida after her parents became addicted to drugs. Her aunt and uncle were extremely loving, generous, and sweet towards them.

    The couple does a lot of philanthropy work and takes out time for a number of organizations. They stripped down for an ad for Peta in 2009 for the “we’d rather go naked than wear fur” campaign. October works with Shadow Buddies, a foundation that works with sick children in a number of hospitals including Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. She also hosted a “Pink Party” at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to honor teen girls battling cancer.

    Despite Tony’s busy schedule as a CBS Sports host, the couple keeps in touch through Skype. Both of them are family oriented. Whenever they are together, they make sure to take out ample time for each other. They say that they still have a date night every week. According to the couple, if their kids see that their parents are in love and emotionally close, it will help them to make a close bond too. October says that they don’t take anything too seriously and laugh a lot whenever they are together.

    October and Tony have built a happy life together for themselves and their children. October though says that her dream job would be a sketch comedy artist on Saturday Night Live, which we hope someday comes to be true!



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