American Professional Basketball player for Oklahoma City Thunder, Russell Westbrook’s Wife is gorgeous  Nina Earl Westbrook.

    A stunning pair of long legs, a slender yet athletic build, an intensely strong personality and a dominating spirit all mixed into one dazzling pot. Standing at a commanding 6’1, its very close to impossible for Nina Earl Westbrook to travel unnoticed whenever she decides to enter a given room.

    If by any peculiar chance her stature didn’t draw in the longing gazes of lingering eyeballs, her alluring girl next door looks could certainly garner the attention of all onlookers. How can anyone resist doing a double take as she walks passed? A deadly combo that seemed most efficient in life as well as on the basketball court.

    Apart from being married to Russell Westbrook, the fiery All-Star Point Guard of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Nina had her own personal stint of on the court dominance.

    Nina Earl Westbrook hails from Pomona California. At Diamond Ranch High School, she was the starting Forward for the basketball team from her freshman to her senior year. She dominated all four of her years at Diamond Ranch High School averaging 21.6 points, 6.7 rebounds, 3.1 assists, 3.8 steals and 1.1 blocks in her senior year.

    Spectacular is the only word that could equate to Nina Earl’s High School athletic career. When it was all said in done she finished her high school career with 2,291 points, 906 rebounds, 298 assists and 544 steals.

    Her historic high school basketball career inevitably lead her to receiving a scholarship from the illustrious UCLA. It was at UCLA where she would eventually meet the man who she would marry.

    With both Nina and Russell playing basketball for UCLA’s men and women’s basketball teams, it was only a matter of time before the two locked eyes on one another. They instantly began dating, quickly becoming the resident power couple.
    Both of them were forces of nature on the court, playing with the same speed and explosiveness. Together they shared an evident love for the game. In 2008, Russell left the school in his sophomore year in order to enter the NBA draft but Nina however stayed in college, deciding to complete the remainder of school she had left.

    As she headed toward the remainder of her college basketball career, her numbers unfortunately dropped. Those astounding statistics that she accumulated in her high school career dwindled but to Nina’s credit she was always ready for alternative pathways.

    Before long basketball was no longer a vision that she cared to entertain. Instead she decided to put a majority of her effort into her school work. Feeding energy into her brain, Nina placed the pursuit of her degree in psychology in the center of her mind.

    Nina Earl Westbrook finally graduated from UCLA in 2011 equipped with a coveted bachelors degree in psychology. Following her graduation, she took a year long break from school life before she went back for another round at UCLA in order to pursue her master’s in psychology.

    On August 29th, 2015, Russell and Nina wed one another in an intimate ceremony. The event was held in the Beverley Hills hotel with family, close friends and teammates of Russell present for the festivities.

    Whenever asked if kids are on the horizon for the new husband and wife, the couple remains consistently quiet. But thats fine. There’s nothing wrong with taking it slow.



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