American Pro Baseball player David Wright’s Wife is beautiful Molly Beers, a woman who knew that she could have any man that she wanted, but fate put her on the path to meet the man that she would one day call her husband, New York Mets infielder, David Wright.

    David Allen Wright was born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia on the 20th of December 1982; David is 33 years old in the present day. Dave has led a superstar lifestyle, and he was destined to become a baseball legend, his humble beginnings started during his childhood.

    In 1996, David was fourteen years old and started over at Hickory High School; he played sports all throughout high school. 2000 turned out to be the year that David graduated from Hickory High, and he earned the coveted player of the year award, one award that few received.

    Baseball was in David’s future, and little did he know that MLB recruiters had their eyes on David, he started playing for the NY Mets in 2001 after getting recruited by the MLB draft. David was a pro baseball player in the making.

    On July 21st of ’04, David was promoted to playing in the Major Leagues and was recognized for this; this was a big step in his career. There was never a moment where he felt out of place; he was right at home.

    In 2005, David started a foundation named after him; his goal was to make people aware of multiple sclerosis, David raised a lot of money during the event. The event took place in New York City at a dinner featuring a gala in David’s honor.

    Being rich and a famous baseball player, people would think that David was happy; he was. However, 2006 was the year that he met Molly Beers; the woman who would change David’s life. Molly was on assignment in NY and decided to go to the World Baseball Classic event that night.

    Molly and David were seriously dating; they were happy with being a couple. Molly was in love with David. They started dating in 2006, and the public found out about their relationship in 2008, David threw Molly a birthday party that year as a sign of his love.

    David has attended several events, and Molly was at his side at each one including the meeting that involved David’s contract, Molly was happy to be a part of her man’s success; she went everywhere with David. There was not a time when Molly and David were not together.

    David dated Molly for seven years, and it was in January of 2013 that David proposed to Molly, she said yes. David asked Molly to be his wife in front of their friends in a city called La Jolla in California eleven months later.

    January 22nd of 2016, David was the host of a popular charity called Vegas Night; the money and proceeds go to fund the children’s hospital’s research toward helping sick children. Molly accompanied him to the event, and it was a smashing success.



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