Former American college and professional football player who was a running back in the NFL for eleven seasons, LaDainian Tomlinson’s wife is the hot and stunning LaTorsha Oakley. Tomlinson played the majority of his 11-year career with the San Diego Chargers, who selected him with the fifth overall pick in the 2001 NFL Draft. He was selected to five Pro Bowls, was an All-Pro six times, and won two rushing titles (2006 and 2007). He currently serves as an analyst on NFL Network. Tomlinson on being asked about his plan on coming back from retirement says that the retired life is just too good to give up. He says he loves his retirement life and is not coming back.

    Coming to his beautiful wife LaTorsha Oakley, the couple first met when they were both students at TCU. LaTorsha was studying there on an academic scholarship. She was a Bill Gates Millenium Scholar. For LaDainian we all know he was on athletic scholarship. They met through a common friend of LaDainian’s at a Greek Party. Since that day, they’ve been together.

    These two dated for a long time and finally got married on March 21, 2003. The couple had an unfortunate incident in 2005. LaTorsha suffered a miscarriage but Tomlinson stood by her side and supported through the tough times. Though he himself was sad deep inside and said that it had been a difficult time for both of them.

    The tough times finally changed to good times in 2009 when LaTorsha conceived again. She surprised her husband by leaving a small wrapped box with a note “Open immediately” in his locker. When he opened it, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Inside the box was a positive pregnancy test result! Tomlinson later revealed that he thought that the box might had a necklace or something. He couldn’t have been more happier that day! The couple welcomed their first child, a son on July 8, 2010. They named him Daylen Oliver. Later the couple again blessed with a cute daughter Dalah.

    LaTorsha says that her hubby is a family man. Instead of partying, he prefers staying at home.Even when he broke the record in 2006, he didn’t want to  go out to celebrate. She told LaDainian, “You broke the record, you can’t go home and just watch SportsCenter and play with your dog. Your teammates are out, you need to go! It would be very weird if you just stayed home.

    LaTorsha and LaDainian have now turned into a complete happy family. Tomlinson is now clearly seen enjoying his retirement and workin as an NFL analyst. The wife, LaTorsha, takes care of the kids and his hubby, and enjoys being a housewife. It’s good to see such a happy couple who have evolved through thin times.

    What do you think about this happy family? Let us know in the comments section.



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