American politician and attorney, the Republican Party nominee for Vice President of the United States, in the 2016 election, Mike Pence’s wife is Karen Pence. Mike has been serving since 2013 as the 50th governor of Indiana. He is a conservative and a supporter of the Tea Party movement.

    The couple married in 1985 and have been together for more than 30 years. Karen earlier worked as a school teacher fr nearly 25 years. They first met at a church. When the governor realized he knew her sister from school, they became acquaintances. Mike then got her sister’s phone number from the school registrar to find out more. He later called Karen but got spooked when she picked up the phone and disconnected. He called again and asked Karen out for a dinner. Both of them fell in love with each other and the rest is history. Karen says that it was love at first sight when she first met Mike. They went for ice skating at the Pepsi Coliseum at the state fairgrounds. She said, “We skated around for a little while, then he reached over and took my hand.

    Karen studied Elementary Education at Butler University. She also founded the Indiana First Lady’s Charitable Foundation with the goal of supporting youths and families around the state. This lovely lady is an artist too. She is really good with her hands and uses watercolor to paint homes and historical buildings.

    Karen initially didn’t like the limelight that came along with being a famous politician’s wife. With time she got used to it. In one of her interview she said that she has accepted that they are going to be in the public eye and has learned to make the most of it.

    Karen and Mike have been blessed with three children – Michael, Charlotte, and Audrey. The complete family is not just a passive player in Mike’s political career but an active one. They go with him from campaign stop to campaign stop, handing out flyers, making calls, and eventually helped him get elected governor of Indiana. It always warms our heart to see such a loving family!

    Still, the kids say that their lives haven’t been anything too abnormal. Although they are children of such a famous politician they say that their life is pretty normal. The parents are also proud of their children are all of them are successful in their lives.

    Mrs. Pence is also one of the newest Hoosier entrepreneurs. She is the founder of “That’s My Towel!” Charm, Inc. The company makes small metal charms to hang on towels so there’s no confusion as to whose towel belongs to whom in crowded families. She is honored to have been named the official Bicentennial Ambassador by the Indiana Bicentennial Commission. She played a key role in celebrating Indiana’s 200th birthday in 2016.

    Karen stand by her husband’s side as a pillar of strength. She is wonderful lady and we think that both Mike and Karen complement each other very well. What do you think?



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