American professional baseball shortstop for the San Francisco Giants of Major League Baseball (MLB), Brandon Crawford’s wife is Jalynne Dantzscher. Crawford is the sixth player in MLB history to hit a grand slam in his first Major League game. He is also the first shortstop to hit a grand slam in a Major League Baseball postseason game.

    The couple first met at the freshman orientation in college. They dated for some time and decided to tie the knot on November 26, 2011 in Kona, Hawaii. The couple now has three children, two daughters – Braylyn & Jaydyn, and one son – Braxton.

    After marriage, they rented a small apartment in down King Street from the ballpark. At that time the family was on a tight budget, so Jalynne’s twin sister, Janelle, also used to stay with them. On being asked if he had any trouble living with the two ladies in a one bathroom apartment, Brandon said, “I managed; I grew up with three younger sisters, so it wasn’t that different.” Later in the offseason, they moved to a house in Walnut Creek with four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

    Jalynne Crawford was born as Jalynne April Dantzscher on December 26, 1987 in Lancaster, CA. Her parents are John and Joyce Dantzscher.  She has two older brothers, Jeremy and Johnny, and four sisters, Jennifer, Jamie, Joanne and twin sister Janelle. Yes, the beautiful Jalynne has an equally beautiful twin sister Janelle. Going by her parents’ and all her siblings’ name, you can definitely call the family as the “J” family!

    Jalynne graduated from San Dimas High School. She holds a history major from UCLA. Jalynne has been a gymnast. She won the 2004 Level 10 national all-around аnd floor exercise titles (Senior A). She was plасеd ѕесоnd in thе all-around аnd firѕt оn bars аnd floor аt thе Region 1 Championships аnd firѕt in thе all-around аt thе State meet. Jalynne has also been plасеd seventh in thе all-around аt thе 2002 American Classic. Quite some achievements we say.

    In 2006, she had to take retirement from gymnastics because of her recurring chronic back and rib injuries. On her retirement Jalynne had to say, “I had a great year last year. I have struggled with this injury for some time, and I’m sad that this happened, but I’m ready to move on and see what life has to offer now. This gives me more opportunities to try new things, and I’m also excited to see my sister Janelle succeed in her career at UCLA as a gymnast”.

    She describes herself on her Twitter account bio as : “Wife of @bcraw35 (Brandon’s handle) Mom of Braylyn Jaydyn Braxton & Koda/Jessie Identical Twin UCLA&MA Grad from Ucla/Pepperdine I the GIANTS…#35 family“. She tweets regularly on Twitter and shares many of her life moments there.

    Jalynne’s hobbies are all kind of sports and shopping. She admires basketball player Kobe Bryant a lot because he always plays to win. She loves hanging out with friends in her free time. People who know her say that she is a kind, energetic, and a lovely person.



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