Chris was a person who loved and lost, but that did not stop him from becoming one of the most skilled players in the NBA. People acknowledged Chris as a role model. People that knows Chris knew that there was nothing that he could not accomplish.  Chris Paul’s Wife is Jada Crawley.

    May 6th of ‘85 was the day that Christopher Paul was born to his parents Charles and Robin Paul in Lewisville, North Carolina. From the time he was born, Chris’ father Charles predicted that his son would follow in his footsteps, Charles’ prediction became a reality.

    Charles was Chris’ teacher as he taught him how to play football and basketball. These lessons that served Chris well when he started high school at West Forsyth and before he went to college. Chris was very close to his grandfather Nathaniel. The two hung out at his grandfather’s gas station where Chris was working.

    Chris rose to the top of his high school career in basketball, Chris’ name was a household item; his peers acknowledged his innate basketball ability. Make no mistake, Chris was up, and coming; colleges had their eye on him as well.

    Chris’ grandfather, Nathaniel’s life was taken one night while he was at home by a group of teens that were in the neighborhood; Chris woke up to the news the next day. Chris’ family was devastated including Chris; Chris dedicated his next game to his late grandfather by scoring the most points.

    In 2003, Chris graduated from Forsyth High School and was ready to get on with his life. Despite the tragedy of losing his grandfather; Chris made a decision about the college he wanted to attend which was Wake Forest University where he met the woman that would become his wife, Jada Crawley.

    Jada met Chris at a basketball while she attended Wake Forest University and their attraction to each other was instant, they became inseparable. Jada and Chris spent a lot of time together. Jada got to know Chris’ family who did not start out liking Jada; Chris defended his woman.

    The year was 2009; Jada was dating Chris. Jada found out later that she was pregnant with his child. Jada gave birth to Christopher Emmanuel Paul Jr on the 23rd of May 2009. Chris was 24 years old at the time and was happy to be a dad.

    9-10-11 was the date that marked the day that Chris married the woman he loved, Jada. Chris married her in their home state of North Carolina at a sizable place called Ballantyne Hotel and Lodge in Charlotte. Chris and Jada had the wedding of their dreams and in front of their 300 guests.

    There was a time when Chris did not have a dime to his name, and nothing to buy Jada- Jada was a woman who loved Chris for who he was. Jada did not care about money. Eleven months later, Jada gave birth to Camryn Alexis Paul on August 16th of 2012.

    Chris is still happily married to Jada. And Chris is still playing basketball for the LA Clippers the two are still going strong. Jada is raising her children and being there for her husband who is one of the biggest stars in the NBA.



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