Some women were born to love, and some were born to love a person long enough to marry them no matter what their life was before, Ricardo Quaresma’s Wife Daphne was a woman who fell into the latter category. Daphne is a woman with a man with a past, but one she welcomed as it made her attraction to Ricardo greater.

    Daphne felt that part of her relationship with Ricardo was a little rushed, but the two had chemistry to the point where that did not matter; they were good together, and they knew it. Daphne was happy to be a part of her Ricardo’s life.

    Daphne’s Background

    Daphne was born in her native home country of Portugal in 1987, she was born, and raised in Portugal; she was living there while she finished up her education. Daphne spent a lot of her time in Portugal, she never a desire to move out of Portugal.

    When Daphne met Ricardo

    Daphne met Ricardo while they were both hanging out with some friends that they had in common, the two were left alone, and they started talking then started dating immediately after. Daphne felt as if that moment was created just for her and Ricardo.

    It was not long after that Daphne found out that Ricardo had a child from a previous relationship named Ariana, the couple kept on dating despite Ricardo’s past relationship and the two were happy nonetheless. Daphne was in love with Ricardo, and she welcomed Ariana as if the little girl was her own.

    Daphne’s Relationship with Ricardo

    Daphne’s relationship with Ricardo was a loving one, but also seemed rushed. Daphne and Ricardo were a small distance from each other during their dating phase; the couple did not mind; the distance only made their relationship stronger along with themselves as well.

    Ricardo was hard at work training for his upcoming game and visited Daphne whenever he got a break from training; the two spent a lot of time together which Ricardo always looked forward to; Daphne was missing Ricardo as much as he was missing her.

    Daphne wanted to spend every minute with Ricardo, and that wish came true when Daphne found out that she was pregnant with Ricardo’s child, she was happy; Daphne immediately moved to Istanbul to be with Ricardo. Daphne was already a stepmother to Ricardo’s daughter, and she was preparing to be a mother herself.

    The Birth of Daphne’s Child

    Daphne has come to be known as stepmother and wife to Ricardo; Daphne gave birth to a baby girl on October the 27th; the year of the child’s birth is unknown. Daphne was happy to be a mother and felt prepared for the responsibilities of taking care of her baby.

    Daphne and Ricardo’s Marriage

    Daphne and Ricardo got married at one point before the birth of their child, the detail of the day they got married is unknown. Daphne became Mrs. Ricardo Quaresma, the love that the couple shared was immense and felt that marriage was something they were ready for; they are still together to this day.



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