The famous German-Irish American professional wrestler for the NCAA mixed martial arts, Chris Weidman is Marivi Weidman’s Husband.

    Marivi Weidman’s Husband, chris was born on the 17th of June 1984 which would make him 32 years old at present; Chris is a native of New York and grew up in a city called Baldwin which was not far from Long Island. Chris met the woman he would one day marry when they were children.

    Wrestling has always been a part of Chris’ life. He took that passion with him when he started at Baldwin Senior High School; wrestling all throughout high school earned him the title of New York State champion. Chris’ girlfriend knew he was going places.

    The year was 2002; Chris started over at Nassau Community College where he wrestled and got recognized. Chris felt as if he could do better about his college choices. Chris’ wrestling talent got him an invitation to attend Hofstra University; he graduated in 2006 with a degree in psychology and received wrestling recognition.

    Chris and his girlfriend started dating; Chris was also set to make his mixed martial arts appearance representing a team that he was wrestling for in February of ’09. Chris and his girlfriend were dating for three years at that time.

    A wedding awaited Chris and his fiancée; they got married that same year; Chris was happy that he married his childhood friend. Chris was in love with the woman he married, and they knew each other inside as well as outside.

    On December 3rd, 2010, Chris gained an impressive victory over an opponent in the Ring thirty-three competition; Chris got a lot of attention from wrestling organizations that wanted him for his abilities. Chris made the decision to stay a free agent until he got an offer from the Ultimate Fighting Championship; which he got.

    March 3rd of 2011, Chris started wrestling for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It was the highlight of his wrestling career. Although Chris suffered and was recovering from an injury, he still won his first fight in the UFC; Chris’ wife was proud of her man.

    A few months later, Chris challenged another UFC fighter by the name of Jesse Bongfeldt; Chris won and earned the Submission of the Night honor. Chris had an obligatory duty to defend his teammate who was recovering from an injury.

    In 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit Chris’ home and left Chris with a lot of damaged property; the family was okay. It was not long after that Chris decided that he could not wrestle without making sure his family had a house.

    2015 was the year that Chris’ wife was pregnant with her third child, and Chris was excited; he was fighting in a competition at the time. Chris suffered an injury during the match, and it was almost as if he could not fight, but he pressed on.

    Many of Chris’ days are spent with his family and being a father to his children. His wife is more in love with him than she has ever been. Although Chris is a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu, there has been no record of him needing to use it outside of the ring.



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