Catalina could define herself as a superstar in the modeling world; she has made quite a reputation for herself, and she is very popular as well. Catalina is currently married to Jack Hager Jr, the two are happy together, and make quite a great couple.

    This WWE WAG is the wife of WWE wrestler Jack Hager Jr; her attention is on her man, and she has shown up at quite a few of his matches; she was in the ring herself a time or two. Catalina and Jack are a match made in heaven.

    Catalina White was a January baby who was born on the 22nd of 1986 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where she spent many years of her life. Catalina went to Fort Lauderdale High School at age 14; this was back in 2000, and she graduated in 2004 at age 18.

    The predestined model went to college at the University of Buffalo in New York City; Catalina started modeling not long after and she modeled for several modeling magazines such as Complex as a roller girl to start off which took place in March of 2008.

    For a short while, Catalina was working toward becoming a songwriter and recording artist. In September of 2008, she was recording music and working toward making an album. It is unclear how many songs Catalina recorded, but she finished her album before she started wrestling.

    Catalina has quite the talent for modeling; she has modeling skills that no other model has ever mastered such as Lingerie, Swimwear, Dance and Fit to name a few. The young lady has made quite a name for herself in the modeling world.

    Modeling was not the only job that Catalina had. She was also a wrestler, but she was nicknamed Veronica Blaze due to her participation in a WWE limbo contest. Catalina later wrestled for the WWE under the name of Saylor James.

    Catalina kept this name as she wrestled from October of 2008 to March of 2009, and she had her first wrestling match on December the 18th of 2008, she lost that match; she later won the tag team match. The tag team match was her and Eve Torres versus Wesley Holiday and Alicia Fox.

    Unable to wrestle, Catalina’s career in wrestling was over in 2009, and it was then that she met her future husband, Donald Jacob Hager Jr. Within that same year, Catalina discovered a sex tape that she was involved in that posted on the site called Shane’s World.

    It did not matter to Jack; he still kept seeing Catalina, and she married her fiancée on the 9th of January of 2011. Catalina got pregnant by Jack with her son that same month and gave birth to him on the 17th of October of 2011.

    A lot of Catalina’s days are spent being a mother to her child. Keeping up with her career in modeling, she does not wrestle much these days. Catalina and hubby Jack are seen in the public eye spending time together often; it is unclear if Catalina takes her child to see Jack in the ring.



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