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Vanessa Bryant: Kobe Bryant’s Wife

Growing up as a Mexican woman in California has not been too bad for Kobe Bryant’s Wife Vanessa, she has always been able to go through life with little hardship, and she has always shown fierce loyalty to her husband of 15 years; LA Lakers basketball player Kobe Bryant.

Vanessa was born in Santa Ana, California on the 5th of May of 1982, she was born, and raised in California; Vanessa did not have any problems in her childhood. Vanessa has spent her life in California and still does to this day, California is her home.

A little into Vanessa’s freshman year at Marine High School, she was dancing for a music video that was taking place at the school. She was the target of constant paparazzi attacks. It was this same year that she met the man of her dreams, Kobe Bryant.

From the time that Kobe and Vanessa laid eyes on each other, their attraction was immediate; Vanessa was constantly by Kobe’s side. Although Vanessa had to finish the rest of her schooling at home due to her being in the spotlight, Kobe still kept in constant contact with her.

Vanessa and Ko did not want to be away from each other another minute, Vanessa was 19 when she married Kobe at the St. Edward Roman Catholic Church in Dana Point, California; Kobe was 22. Kobe’s parents did not want the couple to get married on account of them being too young.

Kobe Bryant was up and coming in the NBA, so his parents wanted Vanessa to sign up for a prenuptial agreement which Vanessa refused. It is safe to assume that they were not at the couple’s wedding. Kobe’s parents also did not like Vanessa due to her not being African American.

Vanessa has a job as a professional model. It is not clear how often she models and for what agency, but she is successful; her husband does not have any complaints about her modeling or how often she does. Vanessa started modeling after she graduated from high school.

Kobe’s parents came around and began to apologize for their behavior when Kobe’s daughter Natalia Bryant was born on the 19th of January of 2003. Vanessa no longer felt that her in-laws were trying to stand in the way of her happiness with Kobe.

In the early months of 2005, Vanessa got pregnant by Kobe again, and the pregnancy was going fine until she suffered an ectopic pregnancy which led to a miscarriage; the scars that Vanessa suffered were forever with her. The miscarriage was an experience that Vanessa will never forget.

Gianna Bryant; Kobe and Vanessa’s second child was born on the 1st of May of 2006. The baby girl was born healthy. Vanessa felt as if she could put her miscarriage behind her and Kobe was happy with being a father to his two girls.

Karl Malone; Kobe’s teammate was found hitting on Vanessa and asking her to do inappropriate things. Kobe was upset by that. Karl was warned to stay away from Vanessa, Karl complied and left the team behind following the experience; he did not play basketball for the Lakers again.