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Sandra Evra : Patrice Evra’s Wife

French Football Player, Patrice Evra, who currently plays for Italian Club Juventus has earlier captained the English Club Manchester United. Patrice Evra’s Wife is Sindra since 9 years ago. They tied the knot on July 7, 2007.

The couple is believed to meet in high school and have been together for 15 years. Sandra met Patrice when he was still an amateur player in hometown club Les Ulis, near Paris.

Sandra has been the kind of woman who acts as a pillar behind her man from the starting, supporting his journey from an amateur to a professional. Her support has allowed Evra to build a successful career, the footballer himself admits being “a little knock” at that time. Evra also often times said about Sandra that she is his first and last girlfriend.

The couple has two children, an eleven year old son named Lenny, and a four year old daughter, Maona. The family moved to England in 2006 when he became part of Manchester United club.

Sandra is believed to say that moving from Monaco in the south of France to the northern English city has been hard on her and the kids because of the weather and the awful food. They struggled a lot to adapt to the new place. They said that the food seemed like rubbish, the weather “a slap in the face”. The family soon started to miss the sunny, stress-free days in Monaco.

In 2013, the playboy twin model Carla Howe claimed that Patrice cheated her. She said that Evra pursued her for three months and never let her know that he was married, forget telling about kids. She further said that his only intention was to bed her and once he was successful, he offered her 300 Euros in the morning after, which was just enough for cab and a breakfast.

After the incident, Sandra Evra proved that she is in a relationship with Patrice forever and trusts him. She does not like to share her life in the tabloid and even after this scandal caused by British newspapers, Sandra’s faith remained unmoved. She said that she doesn’t have time for such gossips and has other fishes to fry.


Sandra lives a discreet lifestyle as compared to Patrice. But she doesn’t shy away from paparazzi and has no problems posing for them sometimes. Latest she was comfortably seen sporting a pink bikini while chilling with her husband on the beaches of Sardinia. She loves shoes by Jimmy Choo and also loves barbecues.

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