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Nina Mirotic: Nikola Mirotic’s Wife

What could a person say about Nina Mirotic, the famous wife of infamous power forward for the Chicago Bulls, Nikola Mirotic? A lover of fine arts, a lover of physical sports, the best thing that has ever happened to Nikola; she’s a combination of all three.

Nina’s maiden name is Vujacic as in Jadran Vujacic, Nina’s father and the entire reason why the Nina met Nikola in the first place. Nina was just in the right place at the right time; it does seem surprising since Nina’s father was Nikola’s coach; it seemed almost as if the two were destined to meet.

Nina first met the love of her life when she was only thirteen, she had no idea that her father was training her future husband to do great things in his future, and did not seem likely that she would stop seeing him; the two had an irresistible attraction to each other.

Nina was a native of Montenegro, a country between Spain and Italy. Nina grew up in her native country until the day that she left to follow Nikola to the U.S. so he can pursue his dreams of becoming a professional basketball player. A stranger in a strange land, Nina never left her boyfriend’s side.

There was a huge worry on Nina’s mind when her father found out through Nikola that he was dating her and was worried that he would forbid his protégé from seeing her further at the cost of his career. Nina was happy that the two could continue seeing each other, her father was okay with it.

Nina made a future with Nikola, and their respective families were happy with the arrangement. Nina’s father knew that Nikola would treat her right; Jadran’s suspicions were not wrong. It was an adjustment at first for the families, but everyone was okay with it including her father.

Nina was serious about her relationship with Nikola which led her down the road to marriage to Nikola in June of 2012; Nina married the man she’s loved since they were teens. The couple had the support of both of their families, and they could not be happier.

Eleven months later, Nina was pregnant and carrying her only child to Nikola. Aleksandar was born in May of 2013; Nina gave birth to a beautiful, and healthy baby boy. Nina was elated to be a mother; Nikola was happy to be a father, needless to say.

For a while, Nina has spent some time trying to get used to a new city and a new home seeing as how her husband is on the home team for the long haul; it has not been that bad of an adjustment for her.

Nina is a woman of class, and she shows that by the many operas, musicals and fine art events that she is at with her hubby, she is a woman of sophistication. Nina’s love for the old world musicians has put her and her hubby in the public eye many times.