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Miranda Brooke : AJ Green’s Wife

American football wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League (NFL), AJ Green’s wife is the stunning Miranda Brooke.


About AJ Green

Green played college football at the University of Georgia. He was drafted by the Bengals fourth overall in the 2011 NFL Draft.

He was born to his parents Woodrow and Dora Green. Woodrow was a steel worker and truck driver and Dora a clerk at a Wal-Mart. An unfortunate accident struck the family when AJ was the age of four. His elder brother Avionce died in a car wreck on the way to a school carnival.

Green was on his elementary school’s juggling team. He started juggling as early as second grade. AJ tells that he could juggle as many as four items at once, and that the ability helped the development of his hand-eye coordination. Great!


Getting to know Miranda

Miranda Brooke is an all-rounder. Though she is most popularly considered as a singer, she doesn’t want to be considered a singer. Miranda says that calling herself as a singer limits her. She calls herself as a performer. Brooke further adds, “I can sing, I can dance, and I can rap.

Miranda was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She got addicted to music at an early age and started mimicking songs on the radio as soon as she started to talk. The music genres that she basically loves are hip hop and R&B, particularly TLC, Xscape, Aaliyah, and Missy Elliott.

Brooke was just ten years old when her manager Darren Thomas saw her. He says that he was knocked out by her amazing voice. Not just her voice, he added, that Miranda was a complete star. She had a personality and presence which made her very amazing. He signed her within hours of being introduced.

Her first album was Hater which was produced by Sham (Sak Pase). Miranda says Hater was a bold choice. “It’s a song about ugly feelings,” she says. “It’s about jealousy, insecurity, and weakness, but it’s honest.” It’s a song that people will relate to, and that’s important to Miranda. “I want my music to be about things that people my age go through,” Miranda says. “I want it to be real.


The Couple

The couple met via Social Media in 2010. Well, social media is surely doing its thing nowadays. They fell in live and were in a relationship before deciding to get married. The took their wedding vows in March of 2015. The wedding was much talked about as it was studded with many NFL as well stars from music industry. They tied the knot in a star-studded winter wonderland themed wedding at Atlanta’s luxurious 200 Peachtree venue in 2015.

John Legend sang for the couple while his teammates played their part dancing and partying in high spirits. They even had a hot dog stand at their wedding! Woah, that’s so cool!

After few years the couple got pregnant and Miranda was seemed very happy with it. She even documented her complete pregnancy in detail on Social media. She posted pic of her every week where one could clearly say her getting bigger and bigger. Miranda sure looked beautiful in all the pics.

They were blessed with a baby boy in last year September.

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