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Michelle Moyer : Dennis Rodman’s Ex-Wife

American retired professional basketball player, who played for the Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, and Dallas Mavericks in the NBA, Dennis Rodman’s ex-wife is Michelle Moyer. Dennis was nicknamed “The Worm” and was known for his fierce defensive and rebounding abilities. He is also known for his wild lifestyle and has dated quite a number of women, including Madonna, in the past.

Michelle Moyer and Dennis met in 1999.  Dennis was in love with the beautiful blonde. The couple dated for few years and finally took their vows in 2003, on Dennis’s 42nd birthday. They have two children, a son, D.J. born in 2000, and a daughter, Trinity born in 2001. The family soon fell apart and it is believed that there was fighting and quarrels in the house since 2005. There were also cases of domestic violence and Dennis had to take counseling for domestic violence for 1 year. He had to spend 3 months in rehabilitation as well.

Though the couple was legally together for nearly 10 years, problems arose because of excessive drinking and hard-partying habits of Dennis. The alcoholism got the worst of him. Michelle even said that he was an irresponsible father. She once saw him taking Jager shots during breakfast with their son D.J. The couple finally took divorce in April 2012.

Since the divorce Dennis’s condition is further deteriorated. He hasn’t been able to give monthly payment to Michelle and her children. He also had to spend some jail time for failing. Moyer says that she has been removed from two apartments in less than two years as she failed to pay her rent. Moreover, Dennis is only allowed to see his children in the presence of a Sheriff.

Michelle also filed documents in Orange County Superior Court stating that Rodman owes her $305,244.67, to be exact! His representative though says that after the divorce Dennis has got sicker and worse than before. He is often unable to go to work because of his sickness and is even unable to take care of his own expenses. He says that he has paid more money for child support than he has earned.

After sometime, Michelle also featured on Dr. Phil McGraw’s talkshow where she said that she is ready to take her hubby back if he leaves his poor alcohol habits. She still pleads him to give up his drinking habits. She says that she has never worked a single day in her life and it is becoming difficult for her take care of the children without proper child support.

We hope that the problems between the two of them sorts out in a positive direction. If not together, both of them, and especially the children deserve a happy life. What do you think is a proper solution in such cases? Let us know your opinion in the comments section.

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