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Miah Harbaugh : Jim Harbaugh’s Ex-Wife

Head football coach at the University of Michigan and a former quarterback, James Harbaugh Ex-wife is Miah Harbauh.


About James Harbaugh

James played college football at Michigan for legendary Coach Bo Schembechler. He also played in the NFL for 14 seasons from 1987 to 2000. He has served as the head coach of many teams, namely the San Diego Toreros (2004–2006), the Stanford Cardinal (2007–2010), and the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers (2011–2014). In 2015, Harbaugh returned to his alma mater, Michigan.

Harbaugh was born in Toledo, Ohio. His father, Jack, was also a football coach. James attended high school in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Palo Alto, California. At that time his father was an assistant coach at Michigan and Stanford, respectively. He graduated from high school in 182 and then returned to Ann Arbor and enrolled at the University of Michigan. He played quarterback for the Wolverines, starting for three seasons.


The Couple

Jim and Miah marriage lasted for ten years. They got married in 1996 and decided to go on separate paths in 2006. We don’t know what was the exact reason of their divorce as both of them have preferred to keep silent about their relationship.When they got divorced, Jim was coaching at the University of San Diego. In their period of togetherness, the couple had three children, two sons Jay and James, and a daughter Grace. After the separation, Miah and the children live in Coronado, CA while Jim has moved on.

Sometimes it’s rumored that the strain of high level coaching was the reason the couple split up. Maybe they had differences because of that. But in one of the interviews, Miah says that Jim was meant for the game. She says, “It’s his family and what his dad did. It’s in his blood. He lives football and loves the game. He had to have some way to stay in.

We totally agree with Miah on this point.


Where are they now?

As we told earlier, Miah is living with her three children in Colorado. Jim seems to have moved on with his life. He married again with a lady named Sarah. Sarah was born as Sarah Feuerborn before becoming Mrs. Harbaugh. They met in the parking lot of a PF Chang’s in 2006. At that time, Sarah was living in Las Vegas.

Sarah seems like a mature lady and has handled the situation really well. Also Jim seems to be pretty happy with his new hot wife. In November 2009, he tweeted from his Twitter account a pic of Sarah with a caption, “My beautiful bride, Sarah, the reigning ‘Hottest head coach’s wife in the Pac-10.’

Well someone seems to be enjoying and making up the best for his life. We are happy for Jim and the new couple.


What do you think must have been the reason for Jim and Miah’s divorce after a long period of ten years? Do you think it is right to blame the game for their divorce? Let us know about your thoughts in the comments section below.

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