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Merissa McCullugh : LaGarrette Blout’s Ex-Girlfriend

American football running back for the New England Patriots of the NFL, LaGarrette Blout’s ex-girlfriend is Merissa McCullugh.


About LaGarrette Blount

Blout entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent with the Tennessee Titans in 2010, but joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before the start of the 2010 NFL season.

LG has always been in controversies. He was suspended for punching a Boise State University after the opening game of the 2009 season. He angrily confronted the fans after the nationally televised season-opening loss.

Though the suspension was announced to be for the remainder of the season, due to his meeting of specific criteria set by the football staff, he was eventually reinstated after missing eight games.


The Ex-Lady

Merissa’s full name is Merissa T. McCullugh. She is from Eugene, Oregon. She was born to Frank and Alaina McCullugh. Well, that’s all we know about the Merissa background for the moment. We will definitely update this space as soon as we get to know more.


Life of the Couple

Merissa and LeGarrette first met at the University of Oregon in 2009. They had their first child, a son in LeGarrette’s senior year.

Merissa is a supporting woman. During all the uproar in the 2009 controversy she stood by her boyfriend’s side like a pillar. After reinstatement, Blount played a huge role in leading The Ducks to a coveted victory at the Rose Bowl.

An interesting fact here. After the game was finished Blount asked a police officer to escort him back onto the field. Surprisingly, instead of finding the fans chanting his name, he found Merissa and Jr. and deliver them a rose. Great!

She was often found sporting a Ducks sweatshirt with “Lady Blount” embroidered on the back. The girl really knows how to sport the Wag life. We already love her! So sad to know that this amazing couple broke up. Blount recently said that he doesn’t anymore has a Lady Blount in his life.

Their Child

The couple had their first child, a son on September 16, 2009. Bount says that his son has made him realize many things in life and has helped him change his attitude towards the game. He learnt to mend his ways in positive direction.

Merissa remembers the day when Blount was reinstated in the team. She told, “He was so happy,” further adding, “He knew he’d gotten the chance to play the sport he loved again. He could see that all the hard work he had put in had paid off.” Good for Blount!

He has now become a really devoted father. Merissa told that once Junior was feeling cold in the hospital bed. Blount didn’t even hesitate and stripped off his T-shirt, held the boy to his chest and patiently waited for the child’s body temperature to rise. We hope the child has a good future.


What do you think about them? What could be the possible the reason that these two had to go their own different paths? Let us know about your opinion in the comments section below.

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