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Cathy Fischer Hummel: Mats Hummel’s Wife


Cathy F : Mats Hummel's Wife

Mats Hummel’s Wife

Mats Hummel’s Wife, Cathy Fischer Hummel

Living a life of greatness is not easy according to some people, but Mats Hummel’s Wife Cathy Fischer were never a couple that complained. Mats Hummel is a defender for his German soccer team; Cathy is in a league of her own when it comes to her life and her profession, there are a lot of attractive facts about this beautiful lady.

Cathy’s story with her boyfriend took place when they first met in 2007 when they were just 19-years-old, a friend of theirs set up the meeting. Cathy fell for her boyfriend almost right away; Cathy later went on a first date with Mats Hummel to a cinema in Munich, Germany; Cathy moved in with her soccer playing boyfriend immediately after.

Cathy is a native of Dachau, Germany, Cathy has gone to college and was taking courses in Technical Studies; Cathy has always been about knowledge about the world around her. Not long after she graduated, she got a job as a journalist and a television presenter; success has followed Cathy all her life.

Cathy has quite a reputation online through her social media and her blog, many of her fans keep up with her through her social media; Cathy’s blog covers many topics that people can relate to such as lifestyle changes. Cathy’s popularity online has grown, and it will only continue to grow with each passing day.

Cathy had no idea that the media attention that she was going to get would increase, this happened in 2013 when Cathy took part in a competition, and she was the winner; the media attention that Cathy got was not good. Apparently, some ugly comments that she made did not go over well with the magazines and was unpopular for a brief moment of time.

Cathy’s boyfriend knows that he has a pillar of support in Cathy, she is usually seen wearing jerseys with her boyfriend’s team on them to show her support, and she is happy to be able to be there for the love of her life. Cathy is present at all of her boyfriend’s games and cheering him on in the stands.

            Mats Hummel loves Cathy, and she repays that love with all of the kisses that she has to give, it is not uncommon for Cathy to kiss her boyfriend just before a game to wish him good luck; that is a good luck charm that any man would love to have. 

            It was not until 2015 when Mats Hummel married his long-time girlfriend, Cathy Fischer and she was happy with the marriage proposal. Cathy said yes the moment Mats Hummel proposed, it was the happiest day of her life next to meeting her German soccer playing husband.

Cathy spends her days as the wife of one of the best soccer players in the entire German league, and she enjoys every bit of it, it is unknown if there will be children in the couple’s future, but it would not be surprising if Cathy had thoughts about it.

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