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Margot Kerr : Steve Kerr’s Wife

The retired professional basketball player from America and the current head coach of the Golden State Warriors,  Steve Kerr’s Wife is Margot Kerr. The couple shares a very strong bond and none of them have ever been heard of having any affairs.

The couple met in 1985, during their Sophomore year at Arizona. They were set up on a blind date by Steve’s teammate, Bruce Fraser, who goes by the nickname Q. The couple dated for four years, they got along well, and finally decided to get married in 1990. They are the proud parents of three children – Nick, Maddy and Matthew. Their middle child, Maddy plays volleyball for California, Berkeley.  Steve and Margot made many trips to the Bay Area in the 2013 to watch Maddy’s volleyball games during her freshman season.

Margot Kerr was born Margot Brennan in Arizona to Karen Brennan. She graduated in 1983 from Salpointe Catholic High School in Tucson, AZ and in 1987 from the University of Arizona where she met Steve. Her mother Karen Brennan is a poet, author, and professor.

The Kerr family likes to crack jokes on each other. Steve isn’t the only one with a sarcastic sense of humor, Margot has also got a funny bone. She believes about being positive and happy in life. Going by her public appearances and statements, she seems like a pretty laid back and chilled out lady. When Maddy came to Cal to play volleyball in 2013, she had no idea she was starting a family migration to the Bay Area. Her marriage with Steve has been kind of abrupt as per her plans, but she seems pretty happy with it. She thinks of this change as a wonderful twist of destiny.

Maddy has always stood behind her husband as a pillar and has guided him through thick and thin. When Kerr was out of job, she guided him to the path of being a coach. She said, “Coaching was on the back burner. He knew what kind of commitment it was. He just wanted to be with the kids.”

She is a family woman but also understands her husbands work. She said about Steve once, “He likes the on-court stuff. Basketball is so pure. He doesn’t like the bureaucracy, the politics, all the crap that goes along with being a GM.”

Margot has turned Steve into yoga, which the couple practices regularly. The couple lives a happy life with a hope of bright future for all their three children.

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