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Kyrstin Beasley : Cole Beasley’s wife

American football wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL, Cole Beasley’s wife is the stunning Kyrstin Beasley.


About Cole Beasley

Cole was signed by the Cowboys as an undrafted free agent in 2012. He played college football at Southern Methodist University.

Looking at how his journey started, Beasley accepted a scholarship from Southern Methodist University, where he was converted into a wide receiver. He played in 11 games and finished third on the team with 42 receptions for 366 yards and 3 touchdowns.

In the very next year he started 7 games, making 40 receptions, 493 yards and 3 touchdowns. SMU won the 2009 Hawaii Bowl marking the first bowl invite since the so-called death penalty.


Getting to know Kyrstin Beasley

Mrs. Beasley seems to have a little bit of short temper. She is often spotted lashing at her hubby’s fans when they criticize him. May be that is because of her immense love for Cole!

Once she went total bomb on Twitter after a game. To be specific, the game was when Cole fumbled in Sunday’s game against the New York Giants. Kyrstin lashed out with expletives on her account. Later she went on to delete her tweets and also made her account private.


The Couple

The couple had their first child, a son in October 2014. Krystin tweeted on her Twitter with a picture that read “Today was the day my Ace was scheduled to be delivered. He had other plans.” She is pretty much active on Twitter and you should definitely her there if you want her quirky insight on various things, mainly the game.

Kyrstin loves Cole a lot and why not? She says that she is incredibly proud of her hubby. She wents on to say, “He’s my hero always and forever. And he gave me the most beautiful baby boy ever.

Now like  every excited mom she posts the progress of her baby boy and says that he is growing pretty fast every three weeks. The parents have apparently named their boy as Ace. Interesting name, huh!

The family also own three large boxer dogs. Both Cole and Kyrstin seem to be big time dog lovers! And I must add, the boxers fit perfectly well with Cole’s personality too, a strong and fun loving guy! Cole makes a lot of jokes about his dog buddies and says that they are very quirky.

Let’s hope Kyrstin doesn’t feel jealous with the boxers if Cole doesn’t give her that much time that she demands. Actually, I was joking there. These two seem absolutely in so much love with each other. We wish them a happy life.

What do you think about this amazing family? We think it’s a pretty much complete family with a healthy baby boy and three dogs! What else a man could wish for. Let us know about your opinion in the comments section below.

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