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Kimberly Woodruff : Ice Cube’s Wife

American rapper, record, producer, actor and film maker, O’Shea Jackson Sr. known by his stage name Ice Cube’s wife is Kimberley Woodruff. Ice Cube is known for being a seminal lyricist and storyteller and is regarded as a brutally honest rapper. He is considered one of the founding artists in gangsta rap.

Kimberley is the loving and beautiful wife of Ice Cube. She is African-American and a right-hand man of Ice Cube. Although not much is known about her life outside marriage, and the couple had never shared much about their love life but one can see the love and partnership between the two. The couple are each others cheerleader and best friends. They share a very cool atmosphere at home with their kids.

Kimberley and Ice cube started dating each other in 1988. They got engaged in 1991 and finally got married on April 26,1992. When they first met, Ice cube was very much struck by Kimberley. But Kimberly at that time was in a relationship which did not work out. When after six months, the couple met again, the cupid struck and they finally got married. Nowadays when divorce rates are too high and marriages do not last for much time, the couple has set an example of true love and compassion, and have been married for about 25 years.

The couple have five children, three sons and two daughter, O’Shea Jr. (1991), Darell (1992), Kareema (1994), Shariff (1995) and Deja respectively. Their eldest child, son, O’Shea Jr., born on Feb 24, 1991 is also a rapper and an actor. He played the role of Ice Cube in his biopic “Straight Outta Compton”. O’Shea Jackson Jr. prepared for 2 years to portray the role of his father. One of the reasons for his intense preparation was that Ice Cube didn’t want the appearance of nepotism in casting.

In the movie “Straight Outta Compton”, one can see a little bit of the love story about Ice Cube and his high school sweetheart Kim. Alexandra Shipp, who played Ice Cube’s wife in the movie met Kimberley Woodruff in person to understand their relationship. She was very impressed to see the love and compassion between the couple. She was really excited to meet Woodruff. After meeting she said, “Kimberley is the dopest woman she has met and a partner of Ice Cube in real sense and his best friend also.”

Ice cube gives full credit to his wife for his success and this was very much visible when in an interview he said “Kimberley is my backbone and I wouldn’t be here without her.” He says that he still gets butterflies whenever he sees Kimberly. The couple shares an amazing bond and treat it like a partnership. Ice Cube said, “She respects me and I equally give respect to her.

The couple currently lives in Los Angeles in their huge multi-million dollar mansion.

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