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Kehlani Parrish: Kyrie Irving’s wife

Kyrie Irwing's wife

Kyrie Irwing’s wife

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Point Guard Kyrie Irving’s wife is Kehlani Parrish; the talented young singer is well-known in the music world. Many people feel that they cannot get up in the morning without that special someone by their side, Kehlani and Kyrie are two people that feel that way every single day.

Kehlani was not always the loving, carefree young lady that she is today; she was a young woman who did not have faith in the power of love or the concept of being loved by someone like Kyrie. The young Rhythm and Blues singer knew she had someone special; someone that is willing to move heaven and earth to make her happy.

Kehlani has always had a very hard life even before Kehlani met Kyrie Irving, but things in her life began to turn around the more she was with her basketball beau; she finally felt worthy of someone. The two have always been close and has made their presence known not just in the public eye, but also on social media as well.

However, not everyone on the social media sites that know the couple meant them well and there are some who have made trouble for Kehlani. There were dangerous rumors that have threatened to break the couple up, the aloof rumors of Kehlani being unfaithful to her basketball beau was more than she could bear. Due to these rumors, Kehlani came dangerously close to killing herself because she could not bear the shame and the lies that the various people were spreading on social media. Kehlani just felt as if her whole world just came to a screeching halt because of all of the destructive rumors that were being spread about her to Kyrie, she felt more alone than she ever did; ironically.

Kehlani slit her wrists with the sharpest knife that she could find and cut herself so deeply that she nearly died from extreme blood loss, the ugly rumors made her feel that she could not go on living in a world where being with the man she loves was a problem to those who were jealous of them.

Despite being the girlfriend of the infamous Kyrie Irving, she has a very successful career in the music world; she is doing what she loves to do every day. The young singer has made quite a few appearances in the GQ magazine which showcase artists who are popular with the people. No matter how far away the couple is from one another, Kehlani is always on Kyrie’s mind which he more than shows by sending her various gift baskets. The baskets were not just a sentiment of Kyrie’s love for Kehlani, but it was a gesture that made her feel overwhelmingly loved; she knew where she stood with Kyrie every single day of her life.

Although Kehlani’s life has not been the easiest, she has managed to become one of the most successful women of her generation. Kyrie believes that she is a bit of a superwoman given her history. Kyrie loves her all the more which makes her feel even more special than ever.