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Kayla Puzas : Dak Prescott’s Ex-Girlfriend

American football quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL, Dak Prescott’s ex-girlfriend is the super hot Kayla Puzas.


About Dak Prescott

Dak played college football for the Mississippi State Bulldogs. In the team he he was the starting quarterback from 2013 to 2015, and holds all school passing records. Later, Prescott was selected 135th overall by the Cowboys in the 2016 NFL Draft.

If you’re wondering where else you have heard the name Dak, here it is. He was named after the Star Wars character Dak Ralter. Dak’s parents are Nathaniel and Peggy Prescott He has two older brothers, Tad and Jace, and an older sister Natalie Prescott-Smith and older brother Elliott Prescott from Mr. Prescott’s previous marriage. Unfortunately in November 2013, his mother passed away due to colon cancer. May her soul rest in peace.

Dak came in the news lately for the wrong reasons. He was arrested for driving under the influence in Starkville, Mississippi. But later he was found not guilty of the charges. He took two breathalyzer tests neither of which yielded a valid result. The first result was an “invalid sample” and the second was an “insufficient sample.”


Getting to know Kayla Puzas

Kayla Puzas is a native from Atlanta. She was born Kayla M. Puzas on March 21, 1995 in Bexar, Texas. She grew up in Suwanee, Georgia and attended at Greater Atlanta Christian School. She graduated from Georgia Southern University.

The couple dated for nearly two years and the latest news say that they broke up in 2016. After the breakup, Kayla deleted all pictures of her and Dak from all her Social Media. This is the love of modern generation!

Kayla nowadays is spotted spending her nights going to clubs with friends and taking lots of pictures with them. From what we know, she may have started dating again and latest she posted a photo wishing his apparently new boyfriend happy birthday.

In one of her pics on Instagram, she tagged her location as Los Angeles. That was only a brief trip though. She shared a picture of herself with palm trees in the background. To be honest, she looked in the pic!

She also took a vacation to Honduras and Belize with her friends. Well, Kayla sure looks like a person who knows how to move on. There are still some rumors that they are kinda together. But officially, we are pretty sure that they are not seeing each other. The picture will be cleared in few more weeks.


Where are they now?

We hope that Dak and Kayla are living their spending their life happily on their own separate ways. Latest news about Dak says that he established an NFL rookie record with his 135th straight pass without an interception. Woo! Great going!

We wish both of them a happy life.


What do you think might have been the reason for these two separating. My heart breaks to see them apart. They looked so amazing together. What do you have got to say about them? Let us know in the comments section below.

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