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Katie Osborne : Tanner Foust’s Girlfriend

Professional racing driver, stunt driver, and television host, Tanner Foust’s girlfriend is the hot and stunning Katie Osborne.


About Tanner Foust

Tanner competes in rally, drift, ice racing, time attack and rallycross with multiple podium placements, national championships, and world records. He is also a co-host on the famous American version of the motoring television series, Top Gear.

Tanner grew up in a naval family. He spent much of his childhood in Scotland. It was there he discovered rally racing and learned to drive on the country roads near his home. This was the time when his interest in car developed. He returned to the US and went into a pre-med track at the University of Colorado, earning a degree in biology. In parallel, he spent his summers at the track, trading seat time in race cars for mechanic work and driver coaching jobs.

As soon as Foust completed his college degree, he started working as an ice driving coach, an instructor at automotive marketing events and competing in anything he could, including rally and drifting. Finally her got his desired break in professional racing in 2003, and soon moved to California to begin stunt driving for Hollywood films. Foust is really passionate about cars which has made him the busiest professional drivers in the United States.


Katie and Tanner

We do not exactly know when the couple first met. But we think it’s obvious that their profession has made an important contribution in weaving their destinies together. Katie being a host and TV presenter must have met Tanner on the tracks. They have been dating each other from quite a long time. They do not have any wedding plans as such, but we think these two are pretty young and they might be thinking of concentrating on career at this point of time.


Getting to know Katie Osborne

Katie is also a know name on he TV. She is a passionate, hard working, self starter who has a unique depth and breadth of professional experiences.  In the past she has attended to many roles in her career between TV reporting/hosting for Fox Sports, ESPN, NHL, NFL, X Games. She also does live event hosting, fashion designing, modeling, and managing the marketing efforts for the world’s fastest growing motorsport, Red Bull Global Rallycross. If you want to see what Katie is currently doing, you can watch her hosting PowerNation, #1 in Automotive How-To. The show airs on Spike TV, NBC Sports and CBS Sports.

Katie got a degree in Sports Communication-Broadcast from Indiana University. Katie is also a life driven lady. She never fails to take out time for her family, friends, yoga, coffee and finding ways to help others. She has created and coordinated several Make-A-Wish experiences. Katie has developed several foundations to enrich the community in which she lives and works.

Not only this she is also the founder of the FindJoy_Project. It’s a virtual crossroad for companies and individuals around the world to share what life lessons they have learned and to help others find joy in their lives.

On her LinkedIn profile she describes herself as creative, enthusiastic, driven, loyal, dedicated, and athletic.


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