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Kari Simmons : Bill Simmons’s Wife

American sports columnist, analyst, author, and podcaster Bill Simmons’s wife is the gorgeous Kari Simmons. Bill first gained attention with his website as “The Boston Sports Guy” and was recruited by ESPN in 2001. At ESPN he wrote for and hosted his own podcast on titled The B.S. Report.

When the couple first met is unknown, but what we know is that couple took their wedding vows in 1999. At that time Bill was at early stage of his career and was covering sports in greater Boston area. The couple has two beautiful children; a ten year old daughter named Josephine Simmons, born in May 2005, and a seven year old son named Ben Simmons, born in October 2007.

Josephine is also developing interest into sports. We know this because Bill told how the two attended Los Angeles Kings games together after he bought season tickets for the local hockey squad.

Kari was born as Kari Crichton, daughter of James and Sandra Crichton and grew up in Pleasant Valley, New York. She has two brothers, Jim Crichton and Joseph Crichton. Unfortunately, Jim passed away in 2011 when he was just 49 years old. She attended St. Bonaventure University and has previously worked at Habama Inc. Kari is a discreet woman and likes to keep her private life away from the media. She keeps such a low profile that you’ll barely notice her in any of Bill’s social media accounts too.

Bill likes to mention Kari as “The Sports Gal”. She occasionally writes mini-articles within Simmons’ own Page 2 articles. Her articles are basically short rants on any topic that she has an opinion on. She also writes about Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, and Britney Spears, sometimes citing her disapproval of their way of living, all in rant format! Her articles tell us that she has quite an opinion on various subjects, and is a funny lady too.

She is good friends with Hench who is a sports geek. She tells that they own a fake baseball team together and they regular discuss sports on phone. They even have a dedicated phone line to talk about sports, which she calls the “bat phone”! She also calls their fantasy league partnership as the “league of dorks.”

Kari also enjoys being critical of the show, The Bachelor.  Her friend and she have developed a show as an alternative to The Bachelor called “The Hot Homeless”. According to her, it’s all basically the same as The Bachelor except the contestant is a good-looking homeless guy that gets to pick his princess from 25 girls because he’d actually appreciate her. Remember about the funny bone we were talking about?

Kari has also run a marathon once and loves animals as Bill told that she has recently adopted a rescue puppy.

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