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Justine Karain Reed: Patrick Reed’s Wife

Every great sportsman has that one pillar of support that is there to guide and help him rise to greatness; Justine Reed is that pillar of support. Although she does not golf, Patrick Reed’s Wife, Justine Karain Reed is the greatest caddie in the world according to her golfer hubby Patrick.

Justine Karain Reed was born December 19th, 1991 in Houston, Texas which would make her 25 years old in the present day. Justine has always been a part of the sports world even as a child and that side of her has not changed.

Klein Forest High School in 2005-2006 is where Justine got the idea to start a women’s golf team. She has also played other sports as well such as soccer and swimming — swimming being one sport that Justine has always loved to do.

Justine’s love for competition ultimately led her to Louisiana State University and Our Lady of the Lake College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2009. Although she did not compete in any sports while in college, she did meet the love of her life, Patrick.

Justine’s younger sister was the one who was solely responsible for the two of them meeting which took place at the Laboratory School at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. The attraction between Justine and Patrick was instant; the two did not stop seeing each other.

Patrick was seeing Justine while she was majoring in Nursing and Health Administration. Justine loved Patrick; they were always together. Justine was with Patrick at the time she graduated with her two degrees in hand; they were together beyond college.

January 9th of 2012 marked the day that Patrick proposed to Justine; she said yes. It was a moment the two would never forget. Justine’s future in-laws were against the Justine marrying Patrick because they felt the couple were not age-appropriate.

December of 2012, Justine said I do to Patrick and the two were officially married; Patrick’s family was not at the event due to their disapproval. Despite the opposition against them, Justine and Patrick were happy together; their love for each other knew no bounds.

Justine followed Patrick all over the world for his golf tournaments, and she was his loyal caddie, a job that she enjoyed besides her job as a full-time registered nurse. Justine was her husband’s caddie until she got pregnant by him in August of 2013.

In May of 2014, Patrick was on his way to the HP Byron golf tournament. He quickly dropped out of the tourney on account of his daughter Windsor-Wells being born and he did not want to miss the blessed event of his child being born.

There was an instant where Justine’s in-laws tried to make an appearance at one of Patrick’s games in 2014; she immediately had them escorted off the property. Justine was well within her right to do so; Patrick did not have any idea she did this.

Justine owes Patrick her life for saving it when she almost drowned from a seizure she had in December of 2015. Patrick sensed that something was not right and when to check on her while she was bathing in the hot tub that was in their Florida hotel room. Justine made it through the trauma.

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