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Janet Elway: John Elway’s Ex-Wife

The famous professional general manager of football for the Denver Broncos and executive vice president of football operations, John Elway’s Ex-Wife is Janet Buchan.

            John A. Elway was born on the 28th of June 1960 in Port Angeles, Washington which would make him 56 years old in the present day; John was destined to become a football legend, and his presence in football would lead to bigger things in his life.

February of ’76, John was 15 and his father got a promotion that required him to move his family more than a few states westward, John started over Granada Hill High School later that year where he played football his sophomore, junior and senior year.

The year was 1979; John started college over at Stanford University where he was playing football for the school; he was also an avid baseball player. During his time there, John met the woman who would later become Mrs. John Elway, Janet Buchan.

John was dating Janet seriously, and they were together for two years before John proposed to Janet in 198. The couple got married that same year. John graduated from Stanford University with a degree in economics a little before that; John felt lucky to be alive.

John Elway’s Ex-Wife gave John two things over the 18 years that they were happily married, four children who are Jessica, Jordan, Juliana and Jack. The second thing that Janet gave John was great years of marriage; John was happy with Janet until the divorce.

The year was 1983, John was fresh out of college and with a degree that he could get a job doing something he loved, but John wanted to play football professionally. John was in luck when he got drafted by the Denver Broncos.

John Albert Elway got his team to Super Bowl Twenty-One, it was a memorable time in John’s life; the Denver Broncos were playing the Cleveland Browns. It was a great game and one that required all of John’s talents, the Denver Broncos won the game with John’s help.

On the 2nd of May of ’99, John announced that he was retiring from football, and it was quite a shock to his team. Three years later, he and Janet divorced; John was not bitter over either experience. John got recognition as one of the biggest MVPs in the history of football.

John was not playing football anymore, but he did get a promotion of a different kind, he got appointed as CEO and Co-founder of the Colorado Crush team; that meant that he was also the boss of operations when it came to everything Colorado including the Denver Broncos.

The year was 2005, John was hanging out a golf tournament in Los Angeles, and it was there that he met the true love of his life, Paige Green. Paige was attracted to John immediately; they started talking and dated. Paige was not about to let John go; she followed him to Denver to be with him that next year.

Paige was serious about being with John, he knew this and felt the same way; John proposed to Paige in September of ’08 in Venice, Italy. It was not until August of ’09 that John and Paige got married in Idaho.

So, they essentially are separated as of now. Who do you think is in loss now? Or do you just think it was their destiny? Let us know in the comments.