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Jessica Namath: Joe Namath’s Daughter

Former American football quarterback and actor, and famously known by his nickname Broadway Joe, Joe Namath’s daughter is Jessica Namath. Joe played college football for the University of Alabama under coach Paul “Bear” Bryant from 1962 to 1964. He was also elected to the Hall of Fame in 1985. Well enough of the introduction of the already known star, let us know more about his beautiful daughter, Jessica Namath.

Joe met his wife Deborah Mays in 1983 when he was taking voice classes. Deborah Mays at that time was an aspiring actress. They had quite an age difference between them, but love passes all the boundaries of age or anything! Joe was 41 and she was 21 at the time when the couple decided to get married in 1984. They had two daughters, Jessica and Olivia. Later when they divorced, both the children decided to stay with Joe. Jessica was born in 1986. She went to The Archer School for Girls in her childhood and is primarily from New York. She can speak Spanish and currently lives in Jupiter, Florida.

Jessica is a photographer and has a website named “Jessica Namath Photography”. In the About section of website she describes herself as:

The short and sweet version is that I’m a writer and photographer that loves capturing life. It’s capturing the human spirit that I most enjoy. I’m drawn to shooting events and weddings for the same reason I love shooting surf photography…my subjects are usually happy, doing something that they’re passionate about…which is exactly how I feel when I’m behind a camera.

She has also tried her hands in acting, and is known for The Wedding Ringer (2015) and Namath (2012). Shows that she is quite an enthusiastic and passionate person, right?

An incident which made quite a bad memory for Jessica was when she lost her pet Shih Yzu, Tula, who accidently got away from her house. After the incident Jessica was extremely sad and heartbroken. She even reached to the point that she decided to look for psychics help, but nothing could bring her little puppy back. After five years, she got a call from 42-year old Michael Cecere, who lived in St. Petersberg. He told her that he found her dog! After five years! apparently the dog was found by a family and decided to keep it. Little did they know that the puppy was micro chipped. Later Tula again got lost and Michael found her and took her to the vet. The vet found out the micro chip and hence, the real owner of the dog.

Jessica also had a daughter, Jemma during this period. She was born in the end of 2010. Now Jessica’s 3-year-old daughter Jemma has the opportunity to play with Tula. Jessica couldn’t contain her happiness on her reunion with Tula and said, “We are going to have an extra special Christmas this year”. She hopes her story will help people realize the importance of micro chipping their pets.

She got into trouble once when her name was linked with William Stephanos, the co-owner of a well-known Jupiter rejuvenation clinic, Age Management, Inc. William filed a divorce against his wife Carly, and due to his phone records and long conversations with Jessica, Jessica was supposed be the second woman in the case. Carly said that William used to give many expensive gifts to Jessica. Jessica later didn’t respond to phone messages and William also had no comments about Jessica and kept her off the case.

Jessica got married to Brian Kennedy in Montauk, and the couple lives in Florida now. Joe loved his daughter so much that he gifted the couple a duplex on the Upper West side. It’s a big beautiful house with specially carpented pet doors so that she doesn’t lose her beloved Tula again.

The happy family, Jessica, Brian, Jemma, and Tula, lives in the same beautiful house today.

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