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Jay Williams: Charissa Thompson’s Ex-Boyfriend

Jay Williams was a man of athletics, a lover and an unforgettable figure. These traits are what Jay became known for; he has made quite an impact on the sports world, and it brought him before the woman that he had temporary ties to,and people know him today as Charissa Thompson’s Ex-Boyfriend.

Born and raised in Plainfield, New Jersey, Jay Williams was born September 10, 1981. He is 34 years old in the present day. New Jersey has always been Jay’s home, and it was where he spent many years of his life, it is also the state where he got his education.

Jay Williams started high school at age 13 at St. Joseph in Metuchen, New Jersey in 1995 and it was here where he found his athletic destiny; he played soccer for two years. Also, he played volleyball; Jay was an intellectual who played and excelled at chess; he won a poetry contest at his school.

In 1999, Jay graduated from St. Joseph High School and his athletic destiny led him to Duke University that following fall season where he played basketball, the attention that he got during his time at Duke was unparalleled; Jay was practically an MVP.

Jay excelled at college basketball to the delight of his coach who was watching his every move on the court; he rose to the ranks of All-American player of the year during his sophomore and Junior year at Duke University, he also led his team to the championship at Duke.

Although Jay was known for his basketball prowess and ability, he was a man of intelligence who majored in Sociology and Business; Jay was at Duke University for three years before he graduated from there. Jay left a mark at Duke that no one would ever forget.

Jay’s ability with a basketball paid off as did his time playing basketball at Duke University when he got picked by the Chicago Bulls during the NBA draft of 2002, Jay was playing basketball for the Bulls; it is not surprising that he went far on the team.

Some of the worst things can happen to the best of athletes; Jay was one of the one in a million, Jay was in a motorcycle accident that broke several bones and his pelvis. Jay was riding without a helmet as well which did not help his cause; his basketball playing days ended that night.

Some people including Jay thought his life was over on account of his not being able to play basketball anymore; Jay was depressed and thought about killing himself. He found a renewed hope when he got the job as college basketball analyst in 2008.

Jay started dating Charissa Thompson in 2013; the two were great together until their break up in 2014; Clarissa loves Jay despite their relationship being over. Jay was happy with Clarissa, and the two had chemistry, they were a match made in heaven.

Mr. Williams had a lot happen to him in his life, and it has inspired him to write about his experiences, the meaning of his life as well as the symbolic; Jay’s book will be out sometime this year. An accomplishment that he recognizes as his greatest.