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Jami Miller : Paxton Lynch’s Girlfriend

American football quarterback for the Denver Broncos of the NFL, Paxton Lynch’s girlfriend is the hottie Jami Miller.


About Paxton Lynch

Lynch played college football at Memphis. He was drafted in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft by the Broncos. He attended Trinity Christian Academy in Deltona, Florida. He committed to the University of Memphis to play college football.

Lynch played in his first NFL regular season game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on October 2 2016. He finished with 170 passing yards on 14-of-24 and threw his first career touchdown pass to Emmanuel Sanders. The Broncos went on to win 27-7.

Now that we have read enough about our star Paxton, let’s know more about his girlfriend.


Getting to know Jami Miller

Jami’s full name is Jami Lynn Miller. She was born February 28, 1991 in Genoa, Illinois to Michelle and Scott Miller. She attended Kingston High School in Kirkwood, Illinois. Jami has two siblings – Ashley and Luke. Ms. Miller has been playing softball ever since she was a little girl. She was part of the softball team at the University of Memphis.

Jami is quite active on Twitter. She constantly shares screenshots of messages from men on Social Media. Nice way to showoff, eh! But with a hot woman like she is, men trying to get her attention must not be a new thing for Jami. But well, all the men should know that Jami is taken. And by none other than the NFL star Paxton Lynch.

Miss. Miller has a funny bone too. Once she posted a pic of her chapstick and explained how it has been with her from start to finish. She mentioned that she was the only chapstick to hold such record.

Miller is also kind of religious and at times shares religious texts on social media as well. She’s also really into religious texts and shares some of them on her feed as well. Once she tweeted one about love and relationships that essentially said “don’t be selfish and beat your significant other”.  We think that Jami is definitely a keeper!

Another thing worth mentioning is that Jami is three years older than Paxton!


The Couple

The first time they met, both of them were attending Memphis University. They have been dating from quite a long time. Jami currently lives in Chicago. We wonder if she will relocate to be with her boyfriend or not. It’s not uncommon to see the wags doing so for their other halves.

Paxton loves to shower Jami with gifts. Recently, he gave him a diamond studded wrist watch. How we know about this? Well, Jami posted the pic of the watch on the Social Media. Haven’t we told earlier that Jami is a Social Media butterfly.

Well that is all we have for the moment. The couple apparently likes to keep their personal life a bit discreet. But we assure you that as soon as we get any information about them, we’ll update it.


What do you think about Jami and Paxton? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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