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Jackie Garcia : Late Sean Taylor’s Wife

Late American football player who was a free safety for the Washington Redskins of the National Football League (NFL) for four seasons, Sean Taylor’s wife was Jackie Garcia.

Taylor died at the age of 24 on November 27, 2007, because of the critical injuries from a gunshot by intruders at his home. He was was shot in the upper leg by an armed intruder at his home in Palmetto Bay, Florida, where he had been recuperating from a football injury.

Jackie and Sean meat аt Gulliver Prep School in Miami-Dade county. They fell in love at first sight and dated for a long time. The couple got engaged in May, 2006. Later, Jackie gave birth to their daughter, whom the couple named Jackie M. Taylor. Sean and Jackie were deeply in love and now with a daughter to complete their family, they intended to live their life together forever. But the tragedy changed everything and shattered their lives. Their daughter was just eighteen months old when the tragedy happened.

Jackie Garcia is actor Andy Garica’s niece. Jackie aka Jacqueline Garcia, Carolina Garcia (Pirez) and their brother Victor Garcia are the beloved children of Andy Garcia’s older bro Rene Garcia and his wife Mirtha Sierra Garcia.

She is a soccer fanatic and also played for the Miami women’s soccer team. She practiced soccer since her days in Gulliver Prep All-State where she played as a midfielder. She was named 1A-4A Player оf thе Year during her senior year. Later she attended University оf Miami where studied Liberal Arts. She continued to play during this period. Now she has majored in Liberal arts and is very lively woman. Jackie surely is a strong woman and a caring mother.

Jackie describes the horrific night of the incident with tears in her eyes. She said the family was in their room when they heard a noise. Sean acted like a hero and asked them to stay in the room while he checked for the intruders. Unfortunately, he was shot fatally in his femoral artery. Jackie and her daughter hid under the bed in their room while she called 911 from her mobile phone. She recalls hearing shot, scream, hiding under covers, then seeing Sean laying face down, surrounded in blood. She then ran outside and screamed for help when police arrived. Sean was then rushed to the hospital but later succumbed to the injury due to blood loss. The person responsible for Sean’s death, Eric Rivera, faced first-degree murder and armed robbery charges.

After being in pain for loss of her lover for a long time, Jackie’s life is now again filled with hope and happiness. She got married to Shay Hayley, a member of N.E.R.D. She wore a beautiful white gown at her wedding and looked radiant and lively. Chris Brown was there on the occasion to sing to the couple. N.E.R.D.’s Pharrell Williams was best man.

Jackie still remembers Sean as a hero in her heart who died while defending his family. She now lives in Miami with her musician husband. She owns a jewelry business and lives a peaceful life.

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