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5 hottest NFL Wags

NFL, National Football League, is the most loved sports in America. We are talking about the game which only them men with fittest of the bodies, and with stamina of a horse, choose to play. The road to NFL is difficult as you need to prove your iron before getting selected.

But once you’re the part of the league, your life becomes like a dream. Yes, all the NFL players are living a dream right now. A life which gives them a lots of money, respect, and fame. Along with the stated advantages, the life NFL player is also surrounded by beautiful women.

In this edition we try a sneak-peek in NFL players’ life and know more about their wonderful ladies.


1. Ciara – Russel Wilson’s Wife

Russel Wilson's wife Ciara

Ciara is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress, and fashion model. Well she has built a name for herself with many talents and amazing qualities of her. Apart from being Russel’s wife, she is known for many hits like Goddies, Step on, and Oh! She has also earned four nominations at the 48th Grammy Awards.

Ciara was born on October 25, 1985 in Auxin, Texas. Most of her childhood was spent at different places because her father was in the army. She has lived in many cities namely Germany, New York, Utah, California, Arizona and Nevada. Due to this she has to lose many friends, but says that the connections helped her in building a career for herself. Ciara said that watching Destiny’s Child and Janet Jackson perform on television inspired her to pursue a career in music.

The couple met in early 2015 and dated for nearly an year before announcing their engagement. They were married on July 6, 2016 at the Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England. She also has a son named Zahir Wilburn who was born from her previous relationship with rapper, Future.


2. Ashley Harlan – Ben Roethlisberger’s Wife


Ben Roethlisberger's Wife

Ashley and Ben met six years before they married. They dated on and off during this time period. The couple did not live together before their marriage because of their religious beliefs. Ashley then finally tamed Big Ben when the couple got married on July 23, 2011 in Pittsburgh, PA at Christ Church at Grove Farm.

They have three kids now, Ben Jr., Baylee, and Bodie. Ben even won the 2013 Walter Payton Man of the Year Award, which shows that Ashley’s support has helped him clear his past and move on in positive direction in his life.

Ashley was born as Ashley Ann Harlan on July 24, 1983 in New Castle, PA. She graduated in 2004 from Laurel High School in 2004. In High school, Ashley Harlan was a star basketball, volleyball, and softball player. Later she graduated with a degree in Health Science in 2008, and then a Masters degree in Medicine. She currently works as a physician’s assistant in the cardiac surgery department of Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh.


3. Gisele Bündchen – Tom Brady’s Wife

Tom Brady's wife Gisele Bündchen

Tom Brady’s wife is a former Victoria’s secret angel, woo! We are already feeling the temperature getting hot right now! During her peak of the modelling career, Giselle became an international superstar recognized around the world by first name alone, having an estimated $386 million in earnings in the process. She is a sixth-generation Brazilian of German descent, born in Três de Maio, Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil, to Vânia Nonnenmacher and Valdir Bündchen, who are both of German descent.

Giselle has appeared on the cover of Vogue in July, November, and December 1999. She won the VH1/Vogue Model of the Year for 1999, and a January 2000 cover gave her three consecutive Vogue covers. She was considered one of the top international models at that time. Later she also tried her hands at acting and music.

The couple has been married since December 2006. They first met on a blind date which was setup by one of their mutual friends. They have two children, Benjamin Rein and Vivian Lake.


4. Ashley Thompson – Peyton Manning’s Wife

Peyton Manning's wife Ashley Thompson

Ashley and Peyton met in 1993 when Peyton was hanging with a neighbor who was a friend of his and he was introduced to Ashley. Peyton’s attraction to Ashley was instant; Peyton was a freshman at the University of Tennessee at the time.

Ashley graduated from the University of Virginia with a major in Marketing and Accounting; she was with Peyton for four years at that time. Ashley was with Peyton for seven and a half years before saying I do to him in 2001 on St. Patrick Day.

She is a woman who values her privacy. The dangers of giving too much to the media such as birth date information, Ashley only accepts the attention that she gets from her husband; she is the type of woman who loves to be private. The couple has two children, twin daughters, Marshall Williams Manning and Mosley Thompson Manning.


5. Nessa – Colin Kaepernick’s Girlfriend

Colin Kaepernick's girlfriend Nessa

Nessa Diab is the same girl from Mtv’s Girl Code. The 31 year old hottie is three years older than Colin. She’s a graduate of UC Berkeley, and completed her degree in mass communications degree at the age of 20. She was born in Southern California but because of her father’s job, she had to frequently move between the U.S. and Middle East growing up. Prior to dating Colin, Nessa was dating Aldon Smith.

She used to work at nights at San Francisco radio station Wild 94.9 from 2009 to 2014. the couple has started being seen together recently only, but sources say that they have been dating for months. Before the official news came out, Kaepernick and Diab were seen in photographs posted on social media. There relation goes quite some time before they announced it publicly.

In recent news, Colin spend his Easter Sunday with Nessa and her family in Wisconsin. Nessa is also a DJ. We hope that this newly formed couple walks a long road together. Who knows we might hear of wedding news soon!


How did you find our today’s picks of hot NFL wags? We hope that we didn’t miss out any of your favorites. If yes, tell us about them in comments and we will share a full story on them!

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