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Henrik Lundqvist: Therese Lundqvist Andersson’s Husband

The famous Sweden professional hockey star goaltender for the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League (NHL), Henrik Lundqvist’s wife is Therese Andersson.

            Henrik was born in Are, Sweden on the 2nd of March 1982; this would make him 34 years old in the present day, Henrik’s whole life was in Sweden. Henrik did turn more than a few heads as he grew up in Sweden, he was hardly an impoverished Swedish male.

Many teachers were not keen on their students playing sports during school time, but Henrik was the exception; the teachers saw potential in Henrik. It was not long after that the teachers were helping Henrik train and further improve his skill on the ice.

A lot of Henrik’s time went toward receiving hockey training from various teachers, and his father who saw potential in Henrik as well, it was not until Henrik was seven that he started receiving hockey training; there was never a time when Henrik was not busy learning.

The year is 1993; Henrik was eleven years old and his sister Gabriella was playing tennis; Henrik moved with his family to southern Sweden to be there for her. The move was a welcome one; Henrik later went on to play hockey on television in ‘98, Henrik was 16 at the time.

Enter Therese Andersson, Henrik met Therese during his time playing hockey for Frolunda; Henrik felt as if it was fate bringing him and Therese together. The two started dating after spending time together, Therese was there for Henrik, and their relationship blossomed; Henrik felt as if he was in love.

In 2005, Henrik started playing for the New York Rangers hockey team, and he excelled at the sport; he made his professional debut on the 8th of October of that year. Although he was a goaltender, Henrik’s success has earned him quite a few awards including the Extra Effort; Therese was so proud of Henrik.

Henrik was gaining celebrity as a professional hockey player, and Therese was happy to be a part of his success, Henrik took his brother and his team on in December of 2006; Henrik won. The victory only made Henrik’s status grow as a hockey player.

December was a very popular month for Henrik; Therese accepted Henrik’s marriage proposal in 2010; the couple was going to get married, and they were looking forward to it. Therese said I do to Henrik in the summer of that next year.

October of 2011, Therese found out that she was pregnant with Henrik’s child; they were happy to be parents. It was not until the 10th of July of 2012 that Therese gave birth to her daughter; the blessed event was a little overwhelming for the couple.

A year later, Henrik made the decision to stay in New York considering that he was already the highest paid hockey player in decades, and he has settled into his new home; Therese supported his decision. Also, Henrik also made the decision to raise his family there as well.

Therese found out that she was pregnant by Henrik again in June of 2014, Henrik was happy that he was going to be a dad again; Therese gave birth to her second child on the 20th of March that next year.