Heather Neel : Derek Carr’s Wife

The American football quarterback for the Oakland Raiders of the NFL Derek Carr’s Wife is Heather Neel, a gorgeous woman.

Derek Carr’s and his wife met each other while attending Fresno State. Heather used to work at BJ’s, where she met the newly discovered football star. She says “I met Derek my junior year, and I actually met him at my work. It was his first year at Fresno State and after we met, we just started hanging out at school. He graduated high school early to come to Fresno State, so when I met him, he was on the team, but he didn’t start or anything he was just red shirting.”

Though many people thought that the couple took the decision too early, being married at college, Heather says, “It was awesome to be married in college; I loved it. I think when you find that right person, it doesn’t matter how old you are. Especially us, because we were both really mature for our age, and we were just ready to settle down. In college it was fun; we had class together. I think we made it that way, and so it made class really fun and interesting. But its always fun to have class with your spouse.”

They decided to tie the knot on June 29, 2012. In November, Neel shared a photo of her growing baby bump with fans. They were blessed with a handsome son in August 2013, whom the couple named Dallas. Dallas had a tough time after his birth as he was diagnosed with a condition which caused knots in his intestines. Derek noticed the problem as he saw Dallas vomiting green stuff. Later he was taken to a nearby hospital and was saved after several surgeries. The couple says that it was the the most difficult time of their life. Car and Neel’s second child, Deker, was born in March 2016.

Heather Neel is a proud wife who is living her dream. She refers to herself as blessed as she is married to the love of her life. The feeling between the couple is mutual and Derek also says that he is thankful that Heather is part of his life. He says Heather helped him prioritize what’s important – faith, family, and football.

Heather is a former FC alumna, and graduated with the class of 2008. During high school, Heather found her passion for cheerleading. At that time she attended Fresno State and cheerleading program did not exist due to the absence of a coach. She says “Originally, I thought I would go to Azusa, they had a really good cheer squad, but then I think the whole dynamic of staying close to home really drew me in, and I wasn’t ready to leave, and God definitely knew I wasn’t ready to get out there and do things on my own, so I went to Fresno State.”

Both Derek Carr’s Wife and himself are firm believers of Christianity. For every point of life they don’t forget to thank Lord for their happiness. The couple’s lifestyle changed a lot after Derek was selected at the NFL. “It’s different in the NFL,” Heather said. “There is literally no phone conversation, no texting the whole day. He is gone from 4:30 a.m., to about 6 p.m., and we don’t hear from him all day. Then, he would come home at 6 p.m., we would eat dinner, an then he would study the playbook and watch film, so we really don’t get to see him all that much.”

Heather loves the opportunity to share her thoughts about love and lord with other NFL wives. “You get to meet and interact with a lot of people. I am in a Bible study group with the other wives, and its awesome because you can share God’s love with people who don’t even have that,” Heather said.

Derek Carr’s Wife has majored in teaching and says that her inspiration for this was her mother, who was a fourth grade teacher. Heather hopes to continue her love for teaching and enjoys living the life of the Raiders quarterback’s biggest fan.

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