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Glenn Rivers: Kristen Rivers’ Husband

Glenn Rivers; Kristen Rivers’ husband had a future in sports as his relatives, and distant relatives before him, Glenn has led a successful life in Chicago; some parts of his life took him away from Chicago. All in all, Glenn is one of the most well-known basketball players and coach of all time.

Chicago, Illinois is the birthplace of Glenn Rivers, and he was born on the 13th of October 1961 which would make him 54 years old in the present day; Glenn was not a troubled youth growing up. Glenn’s love of sports and competitive spirit carried him to high school.

At the age of 14, Glenn started going to high school at Proviso East, and it was there that he was started playing basketball; Glenn excelled at the sport. Glenn played basketball throughout his high school career; it was not long after that the people around him saw his talent.

Glenn graduated from high school in 1979 and was on his way to doing bigger things with his life; he went to summer camp where he met Coach Majerus who gave him the nickname of Doc on account of a t-shirt he was wearing; Glenn played basketball at camp.

The year is 1979 and Glenn started Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI at age 18. Glenn was playing basketball and was an instant success; it was also here that he met the woman that would later become his wife, Kristen Campion. Doc was at the right place at the right time.

Kristen met Glenn after the class that they had together; Kris was almost immediately attracted to Glenn; Kris had dated one of Glenn’s teammates. However, Kris was more interested in Glenn; she admitted that she loved Glenn, she was head over heels in love with him.

It was not long after that Glenn found himself the victim of ugly comments and names, Kris underwent the same treatment; Glenn kept seeing Kris. The two did stop seeing each other; they were determined to be together, Kris ignored everything from crank calls to racial slurs.

At some point in time in 1986; Glenn proposed to Kris and she said yes; the two later got married that year. The world was moving past racism and racial ignorance, the two got married with no problems; the families did not have any objections to their union.

Glenn’s future was in the NBA; he played for several teams including the San Antonio Spurs, LA Clippers and Atlanta Hawks to name a few. Kris was by his side every step of the way, and she supported his NBA career.

Kris loved Glenn so much that she gave him four children, three boys, and a girl. Also, they have all grew up playing basketball professionally. Glenn’s children have taken up basketball and has excelled at playing the sport like their father before them.

Nowadays, Glenn and Kris reside in Winter Park, Florida. Glenn spends his time coaching his LA Clippers team and trying to recover from their loss to the Golden State Warriors; he has his hands full with that alone. Glenn’s coaching takes up a lot of his time.