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Erika Choperana : Antoine Griezmann’s Girlfriend

French football player, who plays for Spanish Club Atlético Madrid Antoine Griezmann is currently dating the beautiful Erika Choperana. Erika is often seen in the stands in Griezmann’s matches and loves supporting him.

The couple first met in San Sebastian in 2011. Grezmann started his career with Real Sociedad in Spain, and that’s when he met Choperena. Erika was attending school at that time and was working on a beauty blog, Cordialmente Erika. She is a native Spanish of the Basque country.

As soon as the media started getting interested in her blog, she removed it. She currently holds a degree in education, and prefers privacy for her personal life. The news of their pregnancy was announced by Griezmann by posting a pic of ball under his jersey. Sources say that Erika was very well received by the family of Antoine Griezmann.

An interesting fact about the duo is that both of them speak different primary languages. While Griezmann speaks French, Erika’s language of choice is Spanish. On 8th April 2016, the couple became parents and Choperana gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Mia. The couple insists that Mia should be able to talk to both her mother and father’s families without any language barriers.

In interviews, Griezmann has said that they speak both languages at home. He said, “Me, I speak French and my girlfriend in Spanish. For my daughter to have both languages and also for my parents, my sister and my brother can talk to him.” He dedicated his first goal of the competition, Euro 2016, to his daughter by miming the gesture of a phone call, putting his thumb in his mouth, and finger pointing the camera in the eye. Mia is one of the proudest achievements of the French striker. The family also has an adorable pooch named Hooki.

Erika herself being a fashion blogger is known to give fashion advice to Antoine in everyday life. Erika who is currently a brunette was formerly a blonde, and she keeps experimenting with her look. Needless to say she pulls of every look with grace and beauty. She is known to be a simple person who loves nature. She likes all animals but at prefers keeping a distance from them. In one of her blogs she wrote, “I’m terrified of cats, have fear of dogs and all animals that have feathers.” She also loves cooking and likes Italian food, sushi, and desserts.

Antoine Griezmann is definitely a man in love with Erika Choperana and a happy dad.

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