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Emily Kuchar : Zack Greinke’s Wife

American professional baseball pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks of Major League Baseball (MLB), Zack Greinke’s wife is the hot and sexy Emily Kuchar. Zack previously played for the Kansas City Royals, Milwaukee Brewers, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Los Angeles Dodgers.

The couple first met in the Apopka High School in Florida. Emily recalls, “I was a library assistant, and all of a sudden, Zack started needing to do more homework in the library in the time I was in there. So that’s where it kind of all began”. The couple got married in November 2009 after they’ve known each other for more than ten years. Indeed a fairy tale kind of story these two share! They were blessed with a baby boy on July 22, 2015, whom the couple named Bode Nicholas Greinke. She regularly posts photographs of their cute child on Twitter.

Emily has quite a list of achievements to her name as well. Emily started dancing when she was four years old. She even tried for the prestigious Dallas Cowboys cheerleading team, and made a place for herself. She was part of the squad for 2003 and 2004 seasons. Emily also participated in various sports like baseball, swimming, dancing, tennis and golf. Due to her hot body and immense confidence, Emily has successfully tried her hands at modelling as well. She took part in beauty pageant competitions, and got the title of Miss Daytona Beach USA in 2009. She also earned the Miss Photogenic in Miss Florida USA competition.

Emily has appeared on the cover of the Cowboys cheerleaders’ swimsuit issue and also landed a small role in the film “Sydney White”. She even conducted multiple TV interviews like “The View,” “Larry King Live,” and “The Today Show”. We weren’t kidding when we said that there is a “list” of her achievements! Though after the marriage, she decided her husband to keep all the limelight.

Emily is a kind of woman who proves the saying “Behind every successful man is his woman”. When Zack was suffering from social anxiety disorder in 2006, Emily was the one who stood firmly behind her husband and helped him overcome the illness. Zack even thought of leaving the game at some point, but it was Emily’s support who brought him back in the game. He said, “Just her always being there. You look in her eyes, and it just makes you feel good”. Later he went off to sign a 6-year $159 million deal with the Dodgers. To us, this is almost a perfect romantic Hollywood movie, a kind of story that proves love is not about money but about being with each other during tough times.

Emily is a cat person and jokingly refers herself in her Twitter account, “Don’t take me for a crazy cat lady!” She is a proud mother to a cat named Wily. Emily is a warm hearted person, whose smile never fails to brighten up her hubby’s day. Her known people say that she is extremely good with children.

The dream couple currently resides in Los Angeles,CA.

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