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Ellen Calipari : John Calipari’s Wife

American college basketball coach, John Calipari’s wife is Ellen Calipari. John has been the head coach at the University of Kentucky. He was also the head coach of the National Basketball Association’s New Jersey Nets from 1996 to 1999 and the Dominican Republic national basketball team in 2011 and 2012.

Prior to meeting and marrying John Calipari, Ellen Higgins was married to Nolan Cromwell, the former NFL player. After she separated from Cromwell, she started working at the University of Kansas. Later when she was working as a secretary in the KU athletic business office, Ellen met John. After meeting Higgins, the two dated for sometime and eventually got married in 1986.

The couple has three children – two daughters, Erin and Megan, and a son, Bradley. Erin used to play basketball at UMass. She later received her doctorate in neuropharmacology from Wake Forest and now lives in New York City. In the same year, Megan graduated from Cambridge School of Culinary Arts with high honors. She is now a professional French pastry chef. And Bradley, when he was 18, was transferred to MacDuffie school in Granby, Massachusetts from Lexington Christian Academy after recovering from a torn ACL. John and Ellen must really be proud of their children for their achievements.

Ellen is a homemaker and enjoys crafting and baking. She told WKYT, “I do a lot of things, I sew, I do wood working stuff, I work in the yard, I paint rooms in the house, I like to bake, just normal things.

She also said, “My job is to be a stay at home and try to you know give my kids a stable life with him being gone as much as he is.

Ellen is a warmhearted lady and welcomes all the players to her home. She tries to remember birthdays of each player, and likes to do something special on every occasion. She sometimes bakes brownies and cookies for them too. Everyone in the team is fan of her baking skills! She says, “I get to know these kids, I like these kids and I know how much he demands of them. I have a lot of appreciation and respect for what they do.” She also says that she wants her home to be cozy and players are always welcome.

Ellen’s days have also been consumed with setting up a home. All her home made furniture are so fine that they seem to come straight out of a professional catalog. She has a quiet and reserved personality and she is completely devoted to her husband and his love of college basketball.

She takes great interest in Basketball and has played the role of Basketball wife very well for past two decades. She is a happy, family-oriented woman; a perfect wife anyone could ask for!

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