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Damien Barling : Kara Lawson’s Husband

American professional women’s basketball player in the WNBA, Kara Lawson’s husband is Damien Barling. Kara is also a women’s basketball television analyst for ESPN. Shooting guard is her primary position in the game. She won a gold medal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. Later, she signed a three-year contract extension with the Connecticut Sun on August 19, 2012.

Her work in ESPN is an analyst covering college basketball and the NBA. She is the first woman to work as a nationwide broadcast analyst for an NBA game. This happened when the New Orleans Hornets took on the Washington Wizards in Oklahoma on January 12, 2007.


Damien and Kara

Damien and Kara first met at KFSM. They first started off with friendship and normally discussed about fitness and nutrition plans. Damien and Kara both are fitness freaks. After dating for some time friendship developed into love.

They rang the wedding bells in April 2008. Damien is a supportive husband and is proud to have a wife like Kara. These two are definitely in love with each other.


About Damien Barling

Damien was born and brought up in Sacramento, CA. While he was studying at the school, it had a a student run radio station that allowed the classmates to work as program directors, music directors, and promotion coordinators. Damien enrolled for the same as a freshman and pursued his interest in music and sports through that.  Even after graduating from high school, he continued working in the radio. He began an internship with Sacramento flagship radio station KSFM 102.5 in September 2001. After gaining much experience in the filed he took up the name D-Lo for radio and started  working weekend shifts and filling in various day parts. He worked in the same way for nearly 14 months when he got his big break in October 2003.

There was an emergency at the radio station as the morning show host was gone and they needed someone to fill his place. Damien had been doing great work in his weekend and fill-in shifts so he got the chance. He gave the audition for it and was selected. In January 2004, he began a successful run as part of a morning show that ranked at the top of the rating leader board.


What are they doing nowadays?

Damien began working as Kara’s basketball agent and full time manager when the Sacramento Monarchs ceased operations following the 2009 season. Recently Damien and Kara formed their own company, Number Twenty, LLC.

Recently both of them participated in The NYC Marathon. It was Damien’s first. They did it because Kara wanted to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association. Her Coach Summitt was suffering from Alzheimer and this made Kara emotional about it. When the couple researched about it they say the research for the disease is underfunded and they wanted to do something about it. We hope that the couple keeps doing the good work in this direction.


What do you think this charming couple? Aren’t they made for each other! Let us know in the comments section below.

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