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Crystal Renee Hayslett, Kevin Durant’s Girlfriend

Kevin Durant’s Girlfriend: American professional basketball player who plays in the NBA, Kevin Wayne Durant is currently dating Crystal Renne, an actress and a model.

Crystal Renee was not a woman who was born successful or wealthy, but she was born with an innate ability to make a song out of certain things in her life; a skill she developed in her childhood.

It was not long before people started noticing Crystal and her gift.

Despite her humble beginnings, Crystal was a woman who has always been about taking care of her business and doing whatever she could to be a success; she is a role model that is known by all. Crystal’s popularity has made her a big fan of her boyfriend, Kevin Durant.

Being raised her hometown of Martin, she learned the values of dedication and love for music; Crystal has always loved music ever since the day that she was old enough to carry a tune. Some would argue that Crystal did not have to compete on her way to the top, she was alone, but she was not alone.

Crystal was born Crystal Renee Hayslett to her both of her parents, she was born, and raised in Martin, Tennessee. It is unclear what year she was born or when her birthday is, but Crystal spent her life and got her education in her hometown.

Crystal’s future in music started when she was just five years old, the members of the church were impressed with her ability to sing and lead the chorus. People in her hometown never saw anything like it before; Crystal made quite an impression.

When Crystal was only twelve, she was getting lessons on fine-tuning her singing voice and taking dance lessons; she was performing in front of an audience of a thousand people by the time she was fourteen. Crystal proved her abilities had no limits.

Crystal mainly spends her time working on her music career and do great things in the music world; her job includes being a singer, an actress on television; she is a model. It is unclear which modeling agency that Crystal models for, but she is a successful model.

Shortly after Kevin Durant broke up with Monica Wright, Crystal Renee started dating him, and the two were happy together since they started dating in late 2014. It seems that the two almost hit it off immediately. It is unclear when the two got serious, but they are still together today.

Crystal Renee has spent some time at some of her boyfriend’s games, she loves watching him on the court. And she is always seen with him after the games as well. Crystal enjoys the time that she gets to spend with Kevin whenever he is off the court.

Ever since Crystal rose to celebrity status in the music world, she made it clear that there is a goal that she wants to achieve, and that is to give back by making music enjoyable and making music to speak to the soul.

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