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Connie Freydell : Juan Pablo Montoya’s Wife

Colombian racing driver who currently competes in the Verizon IndyCar Series driving for Team Penske, Juan Pablo Montoya’s wife is the former model Connie Freydell. Montoya has become a crossover race winner by winning races in Formula One, CART, IRL, IndyCar, Grand-Am and NASCAR.  Except for F1 World Championship, he equals in that respect to Mario Andretti’s caliber of success. He also shares honors with Dan Gurney in being a race winner in IndyCar/F1/NASCAR. Montoya was ranked 30th on Times Online’s list of the Top 50 Formula One drivers of all time in October 2009.


When the couple first met

Connie and Montoya first met during a autograph signing ceremony in Miami. It was a normal meeting for both of them. Moreover, they were already in a relationship at that time. But destiny had something else in its pocket for them.

Connie recalls about the incident when she first met Montoya. She said that she was there with her boyfriend who wanted to have Montoya’s autograph. As he was busy at that time, Montoya refused. Then her boyfriend asked Connie if she could get the autograph from him. She went and came back with Montoya’s autograph. When her boyfriend asked how did she get it, she said, “Nothing. I just asked for his autograph and he gave me.

We guess although Montoya was dating someone else at that time, he started to fall for Connie  at that time. Or maybe, it’s just that pretty girls always have advantage in such situation. In July 2000, Montoya sent a formal invitation to her and her sister to watch a race in Chicago.

The two met again after five months and it was then when they fell in love with each other. After dating for sometime the two decided to take their relationship on next level. They got married on October 26, 2002 in Cartagena. Montoya and Connie have three children together, a son Sebastian , and two daughters Paulina and Manuela.


About Connie

Connie Montoya was born as Connie Freydell in Colombia. She worked as a model until the age of 20. As soon as she graduated, Connie went to study Italian and Graphic Designing in Florence. Never had she imagined that some day she’ll get married to the sportstar Montoya. She had a successful career of  her own as she’d had become a great model. With her blue eyes and and amazing smile, who wouldn’t have wanted Connie to start for them.

When Connie was in Florence her first and second months at college didn’t go as planned. So in the third  month she decided to travel northern Italy with her colleagues. She has a lot of interest in politics and says that life has taught her that politics and law are linked.


Connie and Juan

The couple has founded the Formula Smiles Foundation, whose mission is to help Colombian children through sports. They do their best to contribute as much to the society as they can.

On being asked if she has any superstition that she follows before or during races, Connie says that neither she or her hubby have any such superstitions. She happily recollects that she was most happy when her hubby won at the Grand Prix in Monza on September 16 2016. She says that she can’t forget the hug Juan gave her after winning!

Connie says that the thing she likes most about Montoya is that he is like a small child who can spend hours playing with things like cigarette, the ice of a frappe lemonade, or a Playstation.