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Charmaine Glock : Marshawn Lynch’s Girlfriend

Retired American football running back, Marshawn Lynch’s girlfriend is Charmaine Glock. Lynch, popularly known by his nickname “Beast Mode” played NFL for the Buffalo Bills and Seattle Seahawks.

He is known by his nickname for his aggressive running style, propensity for breaking tackles, and consistent ability to run over defenders.

Let’s learn a little bit about Marshawn Lynch first. Lynch comes from a family of football. His cousins are wide receiver Robert Jordan, JaMarcus Russell, and Josh Johnson, who have been known in the game quite well. His uncle, Lorenzo Lynch, also had an eleven-year career in the NFL. You gotta admit that there’s something in the genes!

You’ll be surprised to know that Marshawn has an affinity for purchasing grills. He says that he’s been wearing the gold jewelry since junior high school. Famously after the 2011 season, he got himself a customized Seahawks grill in time for the 2012 season.


Getting to know Charmaine Glock

Charmaine is also a known name, but well, for some other reasons. She is a pornstar and quite famous for her killer tattoos. In my opinion the tattoos look quite sexy on her!

She was born on January 01, 1989 in Bellevue, Washington. Glock is currently residing in Seattle and works at 24/7-365 RetroGrade Engineering.

In a recent interview Glock said that she has now moved on from the profession. But her website is still up, which she says is because the owner refuses to take it down. She says that she sometimes regrets being a pornstar but she did  that because she needed money at that time. Everyone has got a past and I think it’s ok.

Charmaine has quite some fascination with GoPro! She is interested in being an athlete and loves adventure sports. She loves to travel and Hawaii is one of the places she would love to go. Glock would be most interested to dirt bike through trails, cliff dive, and surf, and so much more there. This is surely one more reason to use GoPro!

Do you wanna listen to the tattoo story? Here it is. The guns were her second tattoos. Her ex-boyfriend was a tattoo artist. So, most of her tats are given by her ex boyfriend. Apparently Charmaine Glock isn’t her real name and she got the name from her ex only.


The relationship of Charmaine and Lynch

Apparently, there have been some speculations if these two are in a relationship or not. One thing though, that is for sure is, that there two are really close. Glock even refers to Lynch as her Homie! 

Even Lynch’s momma has to say something about their relation. This is what she’s gotta say about them, “I ain’t never met nobody like that. That ain’t my baby’s girlfriend. One thing about Marshawn, if he has a girlfriend, his Mama knows it. His Mama will meet her. That’s probably just a rumor, and that is why Marshawn doesn’t talk to the media. He says they turn everything around.”

Well there’s some doubt right there!


So what do you think? Are these two really dating each other? Let us know in the comments section below.

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