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Beth Leonard : Darius Rucker’s Wife

American singer and songwriter who first gained fame as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the Grammy Award-winning American rock band Hootie & the Blowfish, Darius Rucker’s wife is the beautiful Beth Leonard.

About Darius Rucker

One thing which all Darius fans know is that he is a big sports fanatic. He even has a “Man room” in his house which has all kinds of sports related stuff. He is a big South Carolina Gamecocks fan as well as a Miami Dolphins and Cincinnati Reds fan.

Talking about his parents, his mother died in November 1992 of a heart attack. He expressed his grief by writing the famous songs “I’m Goin’ Home” and “Not Even the Trees” while he was in the band. The relationship with his father has been kinda strained for Darius. He wrote the song “Where Were You” which is about his relationship with his father.

You will be surprised to know that Rucker’s most popular phone contact is Tiger Woods. Both of them met at a bar when Woods was 18 years old. Darius also performed at Woods’s wedding and later at his father’s funeral.


How the couple met

Before marrying to his wife Beth, he had a girlfriend with whom he also had a child, Carolyn Pearl Phillips. Later he met Beth and the two have lived together happily since then. The couple met in New York while Beth, a New Jersey native, was working for VH1. She used to organize events, dealt with artists and managers, and booking talent. As we all know Darius was the soul of Hootie and the blowfish, Beth took care of the band and especially him.

Darius describes their early interaction as, “I had been trying to get her to go out with me, and she wouldn’t. I was in New York [with Hootie & the Blowfish], and it was one of those rare nights off. I didn’t have anything to do — we always had something to do when we were in New York! We had the night off, and I was just in my hotel room. She called me and said, ‘Hey, do you want to go see this play?’ I was like, ‘Sure!’

Both of these fell in love and took their wedding vows in the year 2000. It’s been 16 years of their successful marriage and it’s up and running. Relationship goals! They have two children together. Their first child was a girl whom they named Daniella Rose. She was botn on May 16, 2001. Their second child was a boy, Jack, who was born in 2005.

Their life now

Beth is really happy with Darius. She says that she has a gift of reading people. When she met Darius she had the feeling that he was a sincere persona and after the marriage she proudly says that she was right.

Leonard further adds, “Darius does it all. He cooks breakfast and cleans up, and he’s like, ‘I’ve got to do the kids’ carpool line.’” “Once I get off that airplane, I stop being a country star, and I’m just Dad,” he says.

Such an amazing couple!

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