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Ashley Thompson Manning: Peyton Manning’s Wife

Ashley Thompson is is Peyton Manning’s Wife, a woman who loves and cherishes her husband who is Denver Broncos. Peyton plays as a quarterback for his football team. Ashley’s ties to Peyton goes back to when they were in college together.

Although Ashley ended up in Colorado by Peyton’s side at many of his games, her origins started in Memphis Tennessee; she is two years older than her husband which would make her 42 years old at present. Ashley has spent her life in Tennessee, and she completed her education there.

1993 was a year that Ashley would never forget, Peyton was hanging with a neighbor who was a friend of his and he was introduced to Ashley. Peyton’s attraction to Ashley was instant; Peyton was a freshman at the University of Tennessee at the time.

Ashley graduated from the University of Virginia with a major in Marketing and Accounting; she was with Peyton for four years at that time. Ashley was with Peyton for seven and a half years before saying I do to him in 2001 on St. Patrick Day.

Shortly after Ashley graduated, she entered the world of real estate and became a developer; she helped build properties. Ashley did this while she was dating Peyton and they did keep in constant contact. Ashley was proud of what she helped accomplish in her community.

At some point in time in 2011, Peyton suffered a neck injury that required surgery, and it was not his first one. Ashley was a witness to Peyton saying that he was going to give up football, Ashley convinced him not to and continue to stay in the game.

Ashley Manning is a woman who values her privacy. The dangers of giving too much to the media such as birth date information, Ashley only accepts the attention that she gets from her husband; she is the type of woman who loves to be private.

Ashley’s love for Peyton was at its zenith, and she loved her man with her whole heart, she found out that she was pregnant with twins in June of 2012; the 31st of March of 2011 was a time of great giving for the couple. Ashley gave birth to her twins, Marshall Williams Manning and Mosley Thompson Manning.

Ashley was all too happy to be a part of her husband’s success as a professional football player. Peyton Manning’s Wife was all too supportive about Peyton getting signed to the Denver Broncos; she was all too happy about the move as well.

Peyton considers himself lucky for marrying a woman who dedicates her time and life to helping the less fortunate, Ashley inspired her husband to do the same; they are role models for not just their children, but other people as well.

As it stands today, Ashley is still deeply involved with helping those in need and her desire to help others is absolute. Ashley’s charity has inspired her to form the Peyback Foundation Charity, and this is more than just a project, it is everything to Ashley.