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Ashley Moss : Richard Sherman’s Girlfriend

American football cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL, Richard Sherman’s girlfriend is the hottie Ashley Moss.


About Richard Sherman

Richard played college football at Stanford, both as a wide receiver and as a cornerback. He was drafted by the Seahawks in the fifth round of the 2011 NFL Draft.

In May 2014, Sherman became one of the NFL’s highest-paid defensive players. He signed a $57.4 million contract extension, with $30 million guaranteed, with the Seahawks. That’s some good money!

He is also known for his impressive locks! Let’s talk about the couple now.


The life of Ashley and Richard

The couple started dating around March 2013. We got this information from Ashley’s Instagram account when she first shared her pics with Richard.

Ashley and Richard have been blessed with two children. When Ashley was having their first child, she sat down with KING-TV Washington to discuss the impending birth. They talked about baby names, labor, and the future of their son. She wants his son to grow into a gentleman.

Initially the couple kept their child’s name secret. Richard told the media members, “I’m going to pass on telling you. We’re keeping it a secret from everybody.

Moss revealed the newborn will have the initials “R.K.S.,” just like his father Richard Kevin Sherman. Finally we came to know what the couple named their child. It was Rayden Sherman. Richard surely kept his promise!

While Ashley was in labor she said that the entire team, front office and the players’ wives have given the two full support throughout the week in Arizona. A good team spirit to see there.

Sherman and Ashley are regularly spotted together at various events. They have been seen together at Hawaii for a charity event. He also brought Ashley to the Madden 15 video game unveiling and to the White House after last year’s Super Bowl win. Ashley was also seen riding with Sherman through the streets of Seattle for the SB victory parade.

Moss is a kind of lady who doesn’t like the limelight. Though she is an active social media user, she prefers to share pics of her family and Richard. She is a big fan of Seahawks. We think that’s pretty obvious.


Their second child

The couple was really excited about their second child who was born on April 16 this year. They named their baby daughter Avery. We really wish that her initials were also like her brother, R.K.S., but well Richard blew the chance. Just kidding!

Ashley says that hearing Rayden say “sister sister” absolutely melts her heart. She says that it’s amazing to see him adjusting his life for his little sister. We think Rayden is going to be a really nice big brother.

Moss also shared a pic of a ring of amethyst to represent Rayden’s birthday and diamonds for Avery’s birthday. Richard had it for engraved with our initials “RKS” and “ALS”, which all four of them share. A thoughtful gift indeed.


What do you think about this happy family? Let us know in the comments section below.

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