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Andreia Santos Coentrao: Fabio Coentrao’s Wife

Porugese National team and Real madrid football star Fabio  Coentrao’s wife Andreia Santos Coentrao  is a woman who knew happiness, and she was always a person who love to smile. Andreia was never a woman who took a bad picture, she loved the camera according to her hubby Fabio. Andreia’s parents raised her to be a humble human being and thankful.

Throughout her life, Andreia has always been revered as a woman who cares about the things that were important to her. She has never felt as if she was unhappy or someone who had a lot to deal with in their life.

Many women check in on their social media daily or their account on social media, and Andreia is a woman who has been seen on her social media account on Instagram posting pictures of her and her family; she is never on there doing much else.

Where did it begin with Andreia?

Andreia was born in Portugal on the 18th of April 1984; this would make her 32 years-old as of today. Andreia grew up with both of her parents, and she also completed her education in her home country. It is unclear where Andreia went to college to get her degree, but she is a college graduate as well.

The start of love for Andreia

Andreia got invited to a friend’s wedding anniversary party and she was there hanging out until one of her friends introduced her to Fabio, Fabio plays as a defender for his soccer team; he is one of the highest paid soccer players in the world. The two started talking and spending time together after that night.

After a year together, Andreia immediately moved in with Fabio, and she never felt so happy; she got to wake up next to the man she fell in love with every day. Fabio counted his blessings every day that his girlfriend was there by his side. Fabio always sings her praises.

Andreia getting married

Andreia dated Fabio for a couple of years until he proposed to her, she said yes, and the two were on their way to getting married. In May of 2010, Andreia and Fabio’s wedding ceremony took place at Fabio’s aunt’s house. The detail of the people count is unknown.

Pregnant with Child

Not long after Andreia said I do to Fabio, she discovered that she was carrying his child. Andreia was beside herself with happiness; she was going to be mother and Fabio was just as happy. Whether Andreia’s parents knew about their grandchild is unknown.

Giving Birth

In July of 2010, Andreia gave birth to her first child; she named the girl Victoria. Fabio was happy to be a father, and his love for his family grew, he had a child to call his own. Forty-eight months later, Andreia gave birth to her second child, Henrique; the child was born on the 1st of August of 2014.

What is Andreia doing these days?

Andreia’s day is spent being a mother to her two children, and she has a job as a speech therapist which she works outside of her home, Andreia also makes time to go to her husband’s games to cheer him on and to boost his morale.