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Alexis Ohanian: Serena Williams’ Boyfriend

There was a man who had no idea that he would one day grow up and accomplish great things, he is now Tennis star Serena William’s Boyfriend. Alexis Ohanian is worth millions and is a co-founder of reddit, and he is proud of what he accomplished.

The talented millionaire was born in Brooklyn, NY on April 24, 1983, making his present age 33 and he is half German, half American. Alexis was raised in Baltimore, MD and spent many years of his life there including getting his high school education there.

Karma, Alexis’ cat has nothing but love for Alexis and Karma is taken care of, this can suggest that Alexis is a cat lover. Alexis does not have any dogs or any other pets; Karma is the only pet that Alexis has.

Alexis started at Howard High School in Maryland at age 14 which was in 1997, and he completed his entire high school education there, he gave his commencement speech at his graduation in 2001. A speech that Alexis would be well remembered for years later.

10th grade Alexis got a job at a local pizza hut when he was only 16 years old, and it was his first job, a job that he excelled at no less. Alexis kept the job until summer of 2001 where he quit working there.

August of 2001, Alexis started college at the University of Virginia where he met his friend Steve Huffman– the man who would be his partner in gaining internet wealth by creating Reddit. Alexis did this shortly after he graduated from college in 2005.

For the next eight years, Alexis spent his time with Steve working on different internet projects and trying to make the internet great for everyone to use even if it centers on the Reddit website they created. 2013 signifies the year that he wrote a book on his knowledge titled Without their Permission.

Alexis has become quite an accomplished marketer, and creator of the Reddit site on the internet as well as some of the sites on it. Alexis is responsible for overseeing a little over a hundred tech startups, and it keeps him busy all the long day. Also, Alexis had a two-season show called Small Empires.

Being successful at a young age was not without notice. Alexis appeared in Forbes 30 under 30 twice. Alexis’ presence in the world of success was as iconic and permanent as the label tied to Alexis; he welcomed the attention which was quite a lot.

Serena Williams was at a luncheon in October of 2015, it was there that she met Alexis, and the two hit it off immediately. Despite the way they met, Alexis is serious about Serena, and they are still together; the couple has made the choice to keep their relationship in the dark.

People would think that Alexis has nothing but free time considering that he is one of the biggest millionaires in the world, but Alexis’ time is not his own. Being a full-time Reddit employee and working at the company Y Combinator as partner keeps him busy.