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Alex Gordon: Jamie Gordon’s Husband

The famous American professional football star, left fielder and third baseman for the Kansas City Royals of Major League Baseball (MLB), Alex Gordon’s Wife is Jamie Gordon.

            Alex Gordon was born in Lincoln, Nebraska on the 10th of February 1984 making him 32 years old at present. Alex’s childhood revolved around baseball, and it inspired him to play professionally, Alex’s dream of playing baseball became a reality when he grew up.

Lincoln Southeast High School welcomed the future baseball prodigy. Alex excelled at baseball all throughout high school, and he hit a little less than 30 home runs; Alex made his mark playing baseball which people never forgot after he graduated in 2002.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln was Alex Gordon’s next destination. It was here that he met the woman that he would one day marry, Jamie Boesche; Jamie’s attraction to Alex was instant. Alex was playing baseball for his team, but his mind was also on Jamie, the two started dating shortly after.

When Alex was a junior in college, he received many awards for his baseball abilities; Alex was still dating Jamie, and they loved each other. Alex graduated from college in 2006; Jamie followed her man everywhere; Jamie did not want to be without Alex.

The Kansas City Royals were watching Alex since his junior year of college, Alex got drafted to the team back in ’05, and Alex has been playing for the team; the year is 2007. Alex proposed to Jamie that same year; she said yes.

Jamie married Alex a short time after and Alex wanted to take Jamie on a honeymoon out of the country, he took her to Jamaica where they spent the duration of their time together; Jamie felt as if she was the luckiest woman on the planet.

On August 23rd of ’08, Alex was recovering for two weeks from an injury that he sustained in his right quadriceps; Jamie was helping Alex recover. Alex made a full recovery and returned to the game later that season, Alex was happy with the arrangement.

December of ’09 was a year of great giving for Alex and Jamie; the latter found out that she was pregnant. Alex was happy that he was going to be a father. Nine months later, Jamie gave birth to her son Max Gordon; Alex was happy.

In 2011, Alex was recognized for his work as a left fielder and received an award for it; Jamie was at the game with him. It was on the record that Alex took his team to the majors, Alex was also responsible for helping his team get the outfield assists.

January 2016 was the month and year that Alex Gordon signed another contract to continue playing for the Kansas City Royals, it was not so much an improvement on his previous contract as it was a choice; Jamie was happy for her husband.

Alex’s days are spent taking care of his wife Jamie, and his two children, Jamie gave birth to Alex’s second child sometime later; Alex’s family goes to his games to watch him. Alex and Jamie are still together to this day.